5 Fancy Flats Matches To End Year

5 Fancy Flats Matches To End Year

5 Fancy Flats Matches To End Year – Must be a special end of the year, Christmas, New Year and even holidays. To refine your year-end, high heels are usually a mainstay during a holiday party or other formal events. But for you who do not like to wear heels, flat shoes can be an alternative, ladies. Besides easy to wear, flat shoes more comfortable to use than high heels. Here are some flat shoes that can make your style more fancy!
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Fancy Flats


1. Black Fancy Flats

Black fancy flats from Burberry, for a formal event, it fits really fancy flats because the model is simple and shiny material. The black color can be used for all colors suit you, ladies.

2. One Fancy Flats

One of fancy flats from Zara, the Spanish fashion company makes custom designs for your christmas day. The color red is very suitable for use saaat Christmas. The model is elegant make you look more graceful.
3. Chloe Ballerina Flats

Chloe Ballerina in Beige! Super cute flat shoes is indeed adorable. The design is unique and elegant, it is possible that flat shoes are suitable to wear during formal events such as the Christmas to New Year.

4. Zara Flat Sandals
Zara flat sandals with metallic plate, the model is indeed flat again ‘in’ in the fashion world. To you who fill in an outdoor holiday, it fits really worn flat. Metallic colors can make you look more casual fancy!

5. Open Toed Black Rose Gold Fla

Open toed black rose gold flat by Vizzano it fits really for you who want to come to the party. Nggakperlu high heels, ladies, flat shoes have already replaced the role of high heels in the party. Elegant design make you look more graceful.

It was her five fancy flat for the year end. There is already a shadow for your appearance at the end of the year, ladies? Let’s try fancy flats!


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