5 Myth Characteristics Pregnant Women and Their Children

5 Myth Characteristics Pregnant Women

5 Myth Characteristics Pregnant Women – Myths circulating in the community some of the characteristics of pregnant girls. However, do not rush to believe. Read the explanation of the medical side.

Myths characteristics of pregnant girls are harmless. However, this myth can make your mind focus on that and make you expect more, especially for those who crave the girls. Before buying any baby gear, pink, yuk read an explanation of the medical side.
5 Myth Characteristics Pregnant Women

Here are 5 Myth Characteristics Pregnant Women and their children are the facts:

Heart rate

Typically, babies heart rate ranges from 110 to 160. However, there is a myth that if your baby’s heartbeat faster than 140, then you are pregnant daughter. According to the study, there was no difference between heartbeats boys and girls while in the stomach. However, there are studies that claim that the baby’s heartbeat women faster than men. But, it just happened shortly before delivery.

shape the stomach

If your stomach looks high or wide to the middle, then according to your myth pregnant girls. However, this statement is a myth. The sex of the baby is not able to affect the muscles of your abdomen.

Pregnant belly shape in each person varies. This depends on your body shape each and gestational age.


Frequent vomiting in the morning (morning sickness)? The myth says you have a baby girl. This myth may be true. According to the study, women who experience severe morning sickness are more likely to give birth to a baby girl. It is caused by the hormone hCG (the hormone that triggers morning sickness) tend to be higher in pregnant women who are expecting a baby girl. Excessive vomiting condition called hyperemesis gravidarum.

Food cravings Acid

When containing daughters, your appetite changed according to the myth. You prefer or crave foods with a sour taste. If viewed in terms of medical, cravings can happen because women experience hormonal changes that affect your sense of smell. So it was not because of the sex of your baby.

Charming looks not

There is a myth that says if you are pregnant daughter, then your face will look dull and not as charming as your beauty absorbed by your baby. Conversely, if you’re expecting a boy, your face will look more beautiful. However, it is just a myth.

If the baby’s sex is important to you, do not believe the myth. It is advisable to perform a pregnancy ultrasound to determine the sex of your baby. Ultrasound wearing high-frequency sound waves that can give a picture the baby in the womb and your reproductive organs. Ultrasound is usually done between weeks 18 to 20th in gestation.

In addition to ultrasound, the characteristics of pregnant girls can also be detected by a blood test for pregnant women. However, this test will cost not less. Therefore, this procedure is only performed in special laboratories only, not used commercially.

So before trusting the characteristics of pregnant girls, check again the truth of the medical side. To be sure, did ultrasound pregnancy. Do not rush in preparing Si Baby supplies before actually determine the sex of the fetus in the womb.


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