Avoid dinner before bed

Avoid dinner before bed

Avoid dinner before bed – While the weight loss program or diet, dinner is often regarded as a barrier so it is advisable to avoid eating evening before bed. Eating habits before bed can make you fat fast! What are the reasons behind this opinion? This is the answer.

Avoid dinner before bed

4 Hours Before Bed

Avoid dinner before bed Actually, it is not wrong to consume food at night. The real reason is to not eat within 4 hours Avoid dinner before bedtime. In other words, you should sleep with an empty stomach. Because it takes about 4 hours to digest food, then give pause time of 4 hours from the time you eat until bedtime. Why is that?
The answer is that during sleep, the body secretes growth hormone 30 minutes after you sleep. This hormone is also produced when you exercise. It is a hormone that plays a role in the growth and serve to break down fat. That is why children are often encouraged to sleep enough because the more sleep, growth hormone produced will increase and is very useful for the growth and development of children.
Condition that growth hormone can come out with the perfect is the stomach must be empty. If out of growth hormone during sleep, the fat decomposition process will increase and the body is in a state ready to burn fat. The result of the body will easily become slim. This process is called catabolism.
There will be more growth hormone is produced when the body temperature in warm. How to do in order to achieve these conditions is by doing exercises for 5 minutes and then bathe or shower with warm water temperature of 41 degrees before going to bed.

Eating Habits Before Bed

Otherwise things will happen if you sleep with a stomach filled with food. If you sleep in these conditions, the growth hormone is not out so no fat breakdown process. Conversely, there are foods that will accumulate as fat. As a result, will make the body fat. This process is referred to as anabolism.

Catabolism and Anabolism

Briefly, catabolism and anabolism can be described as follows:
Sleep with an empty stomach »Growth hormone is released» catabolism »Solving Fat» Slim
Sleeping with a stomach filled with food »Growth hormone is not out» Anabolisme »Fat grow» Fat
In order to obtain maximum weight loss, then do not forget to exercise the next day so fat that has been split will be removed from the body in the form of energy. Suitable sports are aerobic exercise such as walking or running in the morning.
If the process of anabolism that occurs (bed with a stomach filled food), then the results will not be maximized even if you exercise on the next day because the body must start from the decomposition of fat. While in the process of catabolism, fat decomposition process has occurred. As a result, not as much fat destroyed if there catabolism in the evening.
Do not eat 4 hours before bedtime is not an easy thing to do, especially for urban areas. A traffic jam, overtime or time hanging out with friends can make you go home over night with a body that was tired and had to get up early tomorrow. Normal thing to do is to fill the belly and sleep to overcome drowsiness.
Given the time it takes 4 hours to empty stomach before bedtime, you may be able to try to eat before returning home. The food would be better if you make it yourself so awake gisi and although the quality will be slightly inconvenient.

Juice and Fruit

Another way is to consume the juice or eating fruit at night. The process needed to digest the juice is not as long as when you eat other foods containing carbohydrates or foods that contain fat. If a dinner with the regular menu takes 4 hours until an empty stomach, the digestive juices or fruit only takes 2 hours to empty stomach. So you can sleep more quickly.


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