How to Avoid Stress and Sad during the New Year Holiday

How to avoid stress during the holidays is necessary because this moment is to be enjoyed with a happy and cheerful, not least when the New Year holidays. Holiday at the end of the year and welcome the New Year should be enjoyed with cheerful. Gather with friends and family will be more enjoyable. However, there are also some people who just stressed and sad when the New Year arrives. There were sadly unable to vacation, there are more and more stress because of traffic jams and so forth.

How to avoid stress

This situation is normal that there are some people who are stressed and sad at the holiday season, but whatever the reason; make this holiday to remove all the existing stress and sadness. Here’s how to avoid stress and sad during the New Year holiday.

  • Create Schedule of Events – Holidays usually filled event quite complicated, if you are dizzy which will follow the schedule, so make a schedule of events so as not to clash with each other. What if do not have activities? You can also create a schedule, for example, the time to clean the room, loading closet and put it into practice on the need. Anyway make yourself busy!
  • Invite Friends – Just to the streets in the city? Invite your friends to walk together, jamming the mall, watching movies or just vent. Usually this moment would be more fun if staying in the home of one friend. Trust me there will be a lot of exciting stories that will remove your sadness.
  • At Home Alone Should Never Sad – just can vacation at home? Relax; there are many activities that can be done at home. You can invite some family or friends. Cook together, eats together, watching a DVD, grilled fish or roasted corn exciting as well. More efficient and does not need to confront traffic, or the sea of people during the holidays.
  • Watch Comedy Movie – Laughter will make the body more relaxed. If there is no one around you, so turn the comedy movie. Some movies can make you laugh more relaxed. The more you laugh, the more fit your body. So when the holiday is over, the body will feel equally fresh with them, which is a holiday away to another city.

Those are some how to avoid stress and sad when the New Year holidays. So for those of you who are not able to welcome the New Year’s holiday outdoor, do not have to feel sad and stressed, because in the house also feels good, of course, by applying how to avoid stress in welcoming the New Year’s holiday.


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