Banana Diet To Lose Weight

Doing Banana Diet

Banana diet
Morning diet by eating bananas is an effective way to improve your physical condition. This diet is very popular in Japan in 2008 and may lose weight. who created this diet insist that eating bananas and drinking water to lose weight. Diet is very simple and easy to follow.

In this diet, dieters should eat lots of bananas and a glass of water for breakfast. There is no barrier at lunch and dinner .You can eat one or more bananas after eating, but do not take another cover after makan..Hanya eat bananas alone. No one should be eaten after 8 pm and you have to sleep before midnight.

Banana Diet To Lose Weight

Banana Diet To Lose Weight
The Origin Diet:

During the morning banana diet by eating bananas to lose weight comes from Japan. The origin of the popular Banana Diet was popularized by “Hitoshi Watanabe” which runs on the recommendation of his wife “Sumiko Watanabe” and lost 37 pounds (16.8 kg) at the time of this diet .Karna very popularity of this diet, bananas became very hard to find in Japan in fact Most retailers can not meet consumer demand.

The theory behind the banana diet:

Derived from the diet program developed, there are different theories to explain its effectiveness this banana diet. Some of the most common are:

– Bananas contain digestive enzymes that speed up the process by reducing the amount of time needed by the intestine to digest food. This causes the metabolism is more suitable for weight loss.

– Bananas are shed resistant starch which prolongs the feeling of fullness. Also resistant starch fermentation in the digestive tract that increases fat burning by 20% -25%.

– The reason why water should be water with a temperature balanced is the theory speculates that the water can aid digestion and reduce hunger. Besides bananas plus water is a cure constipation symptoms.

– The digestion process is further enhanced due to the intake early dinner and avoid or reduce the snacks at night, resulting in a deep sleep and more energy in the morning

– Exercise and allowed to eat sweets in the afternoon to reduce stress, which is usually when we stress will lead to eating – the food is excessive

Banana Diet Rules of Conduct:

1. When breakfast Eating one or more bananas for breakfast. Even the inventor of this diet eat four small banana for its morning breakfast.

2. You can choose anything for lunch and dinner. However, it is advisable to cut the amount of food intake and replace with a banana because of diet you are doing.

3. Evening snack cakes and the like is allowed at about 03:00 Ice cream, donuts and potato chips are not recommended.

4. It is recommended to eat dinner before 8:00 and do not touch the food penutup.anda can use fruits or bananas for dessert.

5. Another rule of this diet is that you have to go to bed before midnight. The reason behind this advice. Part of the scientific studies show a link between lack of sleep and obesity.

6. Dairy products and alcohol are not allowed on this diet. The only drinks that can be consumed with food is just plain water.

7. do not need a lot of exercise. walk every day is a very good thing to be done.

Benefits Of Banana Diet

Many Japanese have reported rapid weight loss when experimenting with this diet. In addition to simple and easy to follow, this diet offers a range of benefits .Here benefits if you do this banana diet method …

– Bananas are a source of dietary fiber that is very good, either directly eaten or dissolved. 6 grams of fiber in 2 bananas at breakfast can reduce calorie intake .Serta can prolong the feeling of fullness and attract some of the calories through your digestive system before they can be absorbed.

– Reduce the possibility of overeating.

– Avoid caffeine at breakfast may reduce appetite and blood glucose levels stable.

– On this diet we may impose Avoiding dairy products and desserts, because it can reduce calories by limiting fat and sugar intake .and it was quite nice.

– Do not eat after 8 o’clock, this is done to reduce the tendency of current intake of high-calorie foods the night so difficult to sleep.

Banana Diet Effectiveness:

The success of these diets actually can not be associated with any fat burning qualities. It’s probably more to follow in the current rule diet. Such as eating only at certain times and avoid desserts. During the diet did not consume excess calories in the diet, you should avoid calories will promote weight loss. Thus, the positive effects of this diet is that you will be more orderly in your life and maintain your health.


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