Beautiful and Comfortable With Block Heels

Block Heels , beauty , heels , fashion

Shown Beautiful and Comfortable With Block Heels

Beautiful and Comfortable With Block Heels – There is good news for ladies who feel awkward wearing heels, thin or thick. Yep, block heels is your best solution! Besides comfortable to wear, Ladies can still look stylish with this one type of heels. Let’s try it!

Block Heels , beauty , heels , fashion

Although it is still categorized as high heels, but rights that exist in these shoes are not sharp and not too thick. Therefore, block heels designed so that users feel comfortable and not in pain during use. Block heels had become a trend in 2013. The shoes have a platform that is not too thick veneer on the back foot turned out to be reintroduced in a fashion show. In addition, block heels are also divided into two types, namely low heels and high heels. Approximately Ladies prefer that where, ya? A collection of block heels of several brand name has been rising like Prada, Miu Miu, Versace, until Topshop vary widely. Nothing has a strap at the ankle, there is the kind that adds a ribbon motif, to garnish glitter for Ladies who want glamor. For color, Prada combines soft colors with metallic shades like gold and silver. This brand also adds tapered shape at the front of the foot so it looks more unique and interesting.

Not to be outdone by Prada , Versace brand shoes modified to resemble a block heels . Although initially Versace heels do not intend to make a box , this brand managed to combine his platform shoes with heels 7 cm . This shoe is also decorated with exquisite carvings Greece . Looks so gorgeous! In fact, each brand has a form of block heels different , loh ! Ladies do not need to worry because it can directly mix and block heels in accordance with the style of clothing worn and your personal taste! Do not hesitate to try it, do not you? So , welcome to the block heels trend , Ladies !
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