Beauty Tips From Kylie Versoza Miss Internanasional

Beauty Tips From Kylie Versoza Miss Internanasional – After the election of Kylie Versoza as Miss International 2016, of course she is always required to appear perfect and elegant. So no wonder if dikesibukannya a solid, he still stealing time to do beauty treatments.

Beauty Tips From Kylie Versoza

So what do these beautiful women do to always look perfect with a slim body?”To keep my body, I do 80 percent of exercise and 20 percent of my diet, and when I have free time, I go to the gym for workouts, yoga, pilates and cardio training, and I’m happy boxing, running and cycling,” he said when met at PT event Amosys Indonesia, in Jakarta.

In a week, between 3-4 times this Filipina woman doing yoga and pilates. Not only healthy, the sport according to Kylie can make herself more relaxed.

In the diet, women who were born on February 7, 1992 is consuming moderated protein intake and ‘clean eating’. But Kylie emphasized, not just sports and diets that are important to a woman.

Kylie also stressed that the beauty of women not only from the physical awake. But also because mentally and emotionally stable. Kylie therefore prefers to stay in an environment that can have a positive impact.
“Not only physically, mentally and emotionally I also have to be stable by being in a positive environment. Think positive and always happy, “said the long-haired woman.



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