Benefits Betel Leaf For Face

Benefits Betel Leaf For Face – because the beauty of the face is every woman’s dream. The face is one of the most pampered limbs let alone for women. Facial skin is one part of the skin that is susceptible to attacks of various skin problems such as acne, black spots, wrinkles, signs of aging and others. To overcome all that, betel leaf can be an option as a natural remedy that proved effective in dealing with skin problems.

Benefits Betel Leaf

Betel leaf has a natural content such as antioxidants and flovanoids are beneficial for the skin, especially facial skin because the content is able to remove dead skin cells that cause dull and rough facial skin.
Here are some benefits of betel leaf for the face, including:

Can soften rough facial skin
By doing regular facial treatment with betel leaf, is believed to help overcome rough skin problems. The trick, first prepare 5 pieces of betel leaves are still fresh, then mash until smooth and add 1 teaspoon of natural honey. After that apply all over the skin of face and neck and let stand for 15 minutes, then wash with warm water. Do this treatment twice a week and see the results for 1 month, facial skin will look more smooth and shiny.

Can prevent and eliminate acne
The trick: prepare the betel leaf is still fresh as much as 10 sheets, after that godok with 1 liter of water and 2 tablespoon of salt kitchen then godok until boiling. After that let stand a while until the heat is enough and not too cold, then basuhkan on acne face. Do this treatment every night before bed, after a few days acne will be flat and mongering.

Can cope with oily porters
By routinely washing face by using betel leaves, believed to reduce the oil content on the skin. This method proved effective in overcoming oily skin. How: godok 10 pieces of betel leaves are still young with 1 liter of water to boiling. After that wait a while until the water godokan betel leaves are warm, then basuhkan to the entire facial skin. Do this every night before going to sleep and see the results in a few weeks.

Brighten skin a dull face
To overcome the problem of dull facial skin, the same way as how to cope with oily skin. Indirectly for several weeks facial skin will look more clean and shine. Provided in the way of regular use and not excessive, if used in excess can cause side effects


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