Benefits Carrot Juice To Lose Weight

Benefits Carrot Juice To Lose Weight – Various ways can be done to get the body slim and ideal. Starting from liposuction, increased physical activity, consuming chemical drugs that claimed to lose weight, to an extreme diet that is not good for health. Did you know carrot juice can be a natural and safe diet solution? Not only get a slim body, you will also get a variety of health benefits when regularly consume carrot juice. Here are the benefits of carrot juice and how to make it that you can try at home.

Benefits Carrot Juice To Lose Weight

Benefits  Carrot Juice To Lose Weight

High fiber content in carrots is the most important why why carrots can be one solution for a healthy diet. Fiber will make you feel full longer so you can control yourself not to consume a variety of high fat foods.

Another benefit of fiber for the body is to facilitate digestion. A smooth digestion will help CHAPTER can be done every day. This subject will certainly make your stomach feel more loose. Toxic substances that are not useful in the body can also come out with feces.

How to Eat Carrots for Diet

Basically you can consume carrots any way you like as a diet. You can directly eat carrots as a healthy snack to replace fried foods, biscuits, and fries. But if you do not like it, you can make carrot juice without adding sugar. Drink this carrot juice before lunch, so you feel more full so that the lunch portion can be reduced.

By combining carrots as well as a variety of other natural ingredients for juice. This method can be done so that you do not get bored of eating carrots as a diet. One ingredient that can be combined with carrots is a sweet orange.

The following will explain how to make carrot juice combined with sweet oranges. Ingredients you need to prepare include 200 grams of fresh carrots that have been peeled and washed, 100 ml of water, 4 sweet oranges, honey to taste, and ice cubes according to taste.

First diced fresh carrots that have been peeled and washed. Put into blender. Then grab sweet orange juice added to the carrot slices. Put water and honey. Blend the carrot and orange juice until smooth. Serve in juice glass. Carrot juice of sweet orange combination is ready to eat.

Carrots are safe to eat every day as a diet. So clever smart compose a healthy diet menu with other vegetables and fruits to lose weight by staying healthy.


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