Benefits Celery For Pregnant Women

Benefits Celery For Pregnant Women – The benefits of celery leaves for pregnant women is no doubt. As one of the edible vegetables ranging from leaves, stems, to roots. That is why it is mandatory to be a daily vegetable of pregnant women. The reason other than because of its many nutritional content as green vegetables, celery can also be eaten in any way. Can be a natural flavor for cooking, wrong or made juice to drink.

Benefits Celery For Pregnant Women

That’s why pregnant women can consume celery in various ways that are not only easy but safe for both themselves and their fetuses. Of course with the many benefits contained in this celery. Not only for pregnant women but also for the fetus in the stomach. The more curious of course with the efficacy of celery leaves is not it? Here are the benefits of celery leaves for pregnant women:

Celery Meets Nutrition of Pregnant Women

  • Celery contains vitamin A and abundant iron. Both are needed by pregnant women and their fetuses. In addition to meeting the needs of pregnant women for vitamin A and iron, celery also helps the fetus grow and develop well in the mother’s womb.
  • Celery has nutrients that contain much better electrolytes than regular water. That’s why celery can help pregnant women replace lost body fluids during pregnancy every day.
  • Pregnant women often feel hungry and want to eat more than usual. Sweet foods are usually hunted by pregnant women for snacks between main meals. It is this habit that makes pregnant women’s body weight increases drastically. Eating celery rich in fiber helps pregnant women to feel full longer until the weight of her body does not jump apart other than the weight gain of the fetus. Celery is also quite effective to reduce the desire to consume sweet foods or beverages that contain high levels of sugar causes obesity

Celery Overcoming Maternal Problems

  • Hypertension during pregnancy can harm pregnant women and their fetus. Celery is very effective to lower blood pressure Pregnant women and can keep the kidneys of pregnant women still function properly.
  • Constipation is often a problem that is often perceived pregnant women. Celery with high fiber content helps pregnant women to smooth their digestion.
  • Hormonal changes early in pregnancy often make pregnant women very sensitive. Though a pregnant mother should be spared from stress. Celery can help pregnant women to soothing nervous system to be able to avoid the stress.
  • Early pregnancy also often makes pregnant women lose their appetite. Celery root can help restore the appetite of pregnant women. That way he can keep eating regularly to meet the nutrients for him and his fetus.
  • If the pregnancy is old, usually pregnant women often have problems with the swelter. To cool the celery juice can be made to be consumed. Celery juice can help pregnant women to cool her body naturally.

That’s some of the benefits of celery leaves for pregnant women. The many benefits that can be obtained from celery that is easily available in Indonesia. Another specialty of celery is one vegetable that can maintain its nutritional content even if cooked. At least still leaving 80% of the nutritional content contained in it.


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