Benefits Green Tea For Women’s Beauty

Benefits Green Tea For Women’s Beauty – Green tea is now often a soft drink and health drink. it turns out in green tea contains many anti-oxidants and active substances that keep the body awake from the oxidation of free radicals, consequently the aging process in people routinely consume green tea so slowed down.


Benefits Green Tea For Women's Beauty

Because of the benefits of green tea is so great for both beauty and for health, the beauty company glances green tea as raw materials in the manufacture of various beauty products, such as deodorant, face cream, mouthwash and shampoo etc. All this expects so that people can benefit from green tea as a source of beauty. In a post titled “the benefits of green tea for beauty”, we will discuss a little more about green tea and its usefulness in the beauty sphere.

1. Eliminate swollen eyes and dark circles.
The benefits of green tea to eliminate dark circles of eyes and swelling of the eye area is not new anymore, very many women who have tried this natural way and proven to reduce swollen eyes and under eye circles. Maybe you will be wondering, why is that? This is nothing else because green tea contains tannins and caffeine. Tanin is useful for refreshing caffeinated eyes and caffeine as an active substance in removing dark circles in the eye area.

2. Eliminate dead skin cells by making Scrubs
The benefits of green tea for facial beauty obtained through the process of removing dead skin cells on the face. This you can do by making facial scrubs from green tea. This facial scrub is softer and active in removing dead skin cells and removes dirt causing clogged face pores. If you want to make a facial scrub from green tea, here’s how.

How to Make Facial Scrub with green tea

  • Brewed green tea in a small bowl
  • Then put the corn flour 1 tbsp into it and mix it like a mask
  • Next apply this mask on your face, and let stand for 10-20 minutes duration.
  • Then rinse and wash with warm water and cold water
  • Feel what happened

3. Tighten facial skin
Benefits of green tea to tighten facial skin. For those of you who want to look durable and toned skin always, you can use green tea and egg whites to then you make face mask.

How to make a face mask from green tea

  • Prepare ⅔ teaspoon of green tea powder, mix with 1 tsp egg whites, and 2 tsp water
  • Apply carefully to your face, let stand for 20 minutes on the face, and rinse with warm water and follow with cold water
  • For good and optimal results, use this green tea mask 2 times a week.

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