Benefits Green Tea for Health

Benefits Green Tea,health, lose weight, protect liver

Benefits Green Tea for Health

Benefits Green Tea for Health has been discussed since many centuries ago. Research carried out in recent decades indicate that green tea contains high antioxidants.

Green tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant species. This drink originally came from China. Green tea can be served hot, cold, mixed with honey, or used as brewed tea without sugar.

Benefits Green Tea

What Green Tea Ingredients

In addition to its delicious taste, green tea has a high content of antioxidants. Antioxidants have utility in the fight against free radicals that roam in the body. Excess free radicals can damage and even kill cells of the body, which can cause premature aging, cancer and other diseases.

Catechin compounds contained in green tea has doubled compared to the power of vitamin C and vitamin E in halting oxidative damage to body cells. Green tea also contains vitamin B, folic acid, manganese, potassium, magnesium, and caffeine.

Here’s Benefits Green Tea for Health

The benefits of green tea in overcoming the disease no one has fully proved strong. However, there is no harm in consuming green tea regularly and a normal portion. Some of the benefits of green tea are suspected or expected to be obtained if diligently consume the body are:

Lowering high cholesterol and heart disease risk

A study concluded that green tea is good for lowering bad cholesterol levels and were able to raise the levels of good cholesterol. Results of another study stated that the polyphenols in green tea may be able to block the cholesterol absorbed by the intestine and can also help get rid of it.

Several other studies have concluded that the antioxidants in green tea may be effective to prevent the narrowing of blood vessels, particularly in coronary artery disease.

Against cancer cells

The researchers revealed that polyphenols have a role in helping to kill cancer cells and stop the growth of cancer. In experiments in the laboratory and in animals, the content of polyphenols in green tea proven to reduce tumor growth.

For women, consuming green tea regularly possibility can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. Unfortunately, it still needs further research and comprehensive information regarding the effects of green tea on cancer.

Preventing diabetes

Green tea has been used as controlling blood sugar levels since time immemorial. Research involving animals prove that green tea might help prevent and slow the progression of type 1 diabetes, however, research is needed in humans and more thorough about it.

Lose weight

A clinical trial estimated that green tea is beneficial in burning fat and increase metabolism. Researchers point catechin contained in green tea as a responsible party as the owner of the body fat burning effects. But a study of itself is not significant and still needs further verification.

Stabilize blood pressure

A study says that consuming green tea is good for raising the level of blood pressure. This is especially for the elderly who have low blood pressure problems after eating. Unfortunately, research on this is still limited so that the results are not necessarily valid.

Protect liver

Benefits Green Tea , Green tea is predicted to be able to help protect the liver from damage caused by toxic substances that enter the body as alcohol. Meanwhile, a study involving rats, showed that green tea can fight liver tumors.

Levels of catechins in green tea also is considered able to help cure diseases caused by viral hepatitis. Unfortunately, the levels of catechins needed very much while the levels in green tea is not known for sure that requires further research.

That must be considered is not only a food or beverage may protect against various diseases. Although we get the benefits of green tea to drink it every day, all will be in vain if we remain poor lifestyle. Therefore, do not rely entirely on the health of one type of food, but still pay attention to diet, exercise habit, sufficient sleep and managing your stress levels well.
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