Benefits Lime To Reduce Stomach

Benefits Lime To Reduce Stomach – Having a distended stomach can make our appearance to be not confident, but we also become not free in dress because many who do not fit when in use. Some suggest to wear a corset, but the way it is rather torturous and can not streamline our stomach permanently.

Benefits Lime To Reduce Stomach

Benefits Lime To Reduce Stomach

for those of you who have a distended stomach, do not worry because in this article we will discuss how to shrink the stomach naturally with lemon roses. Curious to know how to make it, let us refer to the discussion.

How to easily shrink the stomach with lime

How to shrink the stomach in addition to the regular process of doubt you also need to consume some drugs for faster and maximum results. To be more secure, we can use a natural medicine that the material is very easy to find in the environment, one of the ingredients of lime. Lime is rich in vitamin C that has many benefits, especially for beauty and body health. Okay, we just start how to make lemon concoction to shrink the stomach.

The ingredients we will make consist of two kinds of herb for treatment from outside and herb for treatment from inside.

How to make lemon concoction for treatment from outside

  • The ingredients you need to prepare are fresh lime, eucalyptus oil, and whiting. For how to make whiting, you can read it here.
  • Squeeze the lime juice to get enough juice, then mix the lime juice with a few drops of eucalyptus oil and stir them together until smooth.
  • Then we add a little whiting again and stir the dough until well blended.
  • Now the lemon concoction is ready and ready to use.
  • How to use it is very easy, we just put smear of lemon potion on our bloated stomach and let stand for a few minutes until it dries.
  • Perform this treatment regularly, in order to get maximum results.

How to make lemon concoction for treatment from within

In addition to doing maintenance from the outside, we should also do care from within to get maximum results. How to make this herb is very easy, you just prepare a glass of water without sugar green tea or if there is no can also with warm water, then mix it with a few spoon of lime juice. Consume this drink regularly, once a day so your stomach becomes lean again.


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