Benefits of Cloves For Beauty

Benefits of Cloves For Beauty – Clove is one of spice herb that is also a toga plant that is family medicinal plant. clove has a lot of efficacy as a traditional medicine that powerful.usuall yclove mixed with tobacco in the cigarette, or mixed in a variety of typical cuisine of Indonesia. However, many cloves contain Eugenol (C10H12O2), cloves are also commonly used in addition to the manufacture of drugs or beauty products.

Benefits of Cloves For Beauty

Benefits of Cloves For Beauty

In the world of health, cloves are known to be effective in overcoming toothache. This abundant plant in Indonesia is obviously very efficient to treat toothache, even toothache can disappear in an instant by applying clove oil to ailing tooth. In addition to overcoming toothache, cloves also have many other health benefits such as preventing inflammation, overcoming nausea, raising the digestive process, cope with colds and many more.

In the world of beauty, cloves also have many benefits. Here are the benefits of cloves for skin beauty.

1. Source of Antioxidant
The first benefit of cloves for beauty is as an antioxidant. Clove essential oils are rich in minerals like potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A and C. With these nutritional content, clove oil is an excellent antioxidant to treat skin fitness and beauty.

2. Overcoming acne
Clove oil is also one of the most powerful oils to overcome acne. Clove oil is anti microbial that can kill bacteria due to acne. Using it is very simple, you simply apply clove oil to your skin with acne. Thus, the germs will disappear as well as the acne will heal

3. Eliminate black spots on the skin
black spots on the skin clearly interrupt once, black spots make the face becomes dull and dark, making us become unconfident. But you do not have to worry, this black spot or black spots can be overcome by clotting clove oil. the method uses it very simple once, that you apply clove oil to your skin contained stains or black spots.

4. Overcoming cellulite
Cellulite or stretc marks is a skin condition in which the skin contains fine strokes on the body feeling the weight of the body is drastice, this habit occurs to the mother after childbirth or those who implement a strict diet. the condition of the scratchy skin clearly disturbs your appearance. You can also solve the problem of cellulite by putting clove oil on. the method you live rub clove oil on the skin that feel cellulite

5. Overcoming scars or scratches on the skin
Having a scar or scratch on the skin clearly clearly disturb appearance, especially if the scar is on the skin. You can also cope with scar with clove oil. your method is diligent enough to apply clove oil to the scars or scratches of the wound.


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