Health Benefits Of Coffee

Benefits Of Coffee

Health Benefits Of Coffee

Benefits of Coffee – Coffee, is now more popular. This can be seen from the proliferation of diverse coffee shop. Drink this one also has the kind of diverse, which is made from Arabica beans, Robusta until Luwak.

In addition to having its own pleasure for the fans, coffee is also said to have health benefits. What are these benefits. Here is his review compiled by Lakupon.
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Benefits Of Coffee

Preventing heart disease and stroke

A study showed that 18% of women aged 24 years have a heart resoko lower than those who did not consume coffee.

Prevent cancer of the mouth and protect teeth

Anti-bacterial properties of coffee that it can cure a variety of oral problems, such as tooth decay and gum infections.

Reduce headaches

The caffeine content in coffee was found to reduce mild headache.

Changing mood

Have you ever felt better shortly after taking coffee? Yes, coffee was found to reduce depression. The antioxidant content of coffee was found to counteract damage to the brain cells and nerve tissue helps work more optimally.


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