Benefits of Green Beans For Health

Benefits of Green Beans For Health – who is not familiar with this one nuts, beans are often used as food or beverage, cakes, and cereals of children. Food or beverages that ingredients the base of green beans can be found on green beans, green beans, puddings and many other foods.

Benefits of Green Beans For Health

Here are the Benefits of Green Beans For Health :

In fresh green beans only contain about 31 kcal in calories per 100 g (raw green beans) and contain unsaturated fat. So this subject can accelerate and eliminate saturated fat attached to the arteries, with the disappearance of saturated fat in the bloodstream artery will return smoothly again

Green beans have a rich fiber, this fiber serves as a laxative, and protects the performance of intestinal mucous membranes, so toxic substances or chemicals will be absorbed by the fiber, and of course will minimize the occurrence of cancer in the intestines

Green beans contain vitamin A, this type of vitamin is certainly very good for the fitness of our eyes, besides good for eye fitness, vitamin A is also useful for treating and protecting the body’s tissue fitness, thus speeding up the skin wound treatment system

Hijua beans can cure cholesterol, as we know if green beans have unsaturated fats, this type of plant pod is also low in caloric content, so very good for you cholesterol sufferers, you can consume green beans every day, with various choices good porridge, onde-onde, green etc .. So by consuming cholesterol green beans in your body bit by bit will decrease

Green beans are good for pregnant women. As for things that make green beans is good for pregnant women’s fitness is there content, folic acid, vitamin B1, B2 protein content, unsaturated fats, carbohydrates, calcium and phosphorus, all this content is useful for fetal fitness and pregnant women. So green beans are suitable for pregnant women who want to be fit in the baby

Green beans are a type of plant belonging to the type of legumes, green beans also have a fairly high protein content, calcium and phosphorus. not just there green beans also contain unsaturated fat, this type of fat is useful for our fitness

In addition to the above content of green beans also have nutritional content, such as: high fiber, Vitamin B, C. fiber has a benefit to make the digestive system that is in the body work more effectively, so the performance Gut / digestion will be easier when consuming green beans

But in the consumption of green beans try not too mature chapters when too mature nutritional content will be reduced, and do not burn the green bean cooking water. Hijua peanut stew water is useful for serious skin fitness and helps wound treatment system

That’s a review of the benefits of green beans for fitness that we can get when we consume, this one pod plant, hopefully can multiply our insight and knowledge of the whole world of fitness


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