Benefits of Ice Stone for Beauty

Benefits of Ice Stone for Beauty – Ice Cube or more we know Ice cubes are very tasty and fresh when drinking with soda, orange, sweet tea and ordinary women are happy with ice lemon tea a little wry, sweet and fresh when the drink in the hot day.

Benefits of Ice Stone for Beauty

And it turns out Ice cubes not only cool and refresh the body while drinking it, but Ice cubes can be a means to make the skin of the wearer to be beautiful. Every womanfolk would want to crave and have a smooth skin, white, shine and clean of acne. Many women can do, such as treatment to a dermatologist and perform treatment that is not cheap. There are actually other ways to get a smooth, healthy, shiny and clean facial skin from acne by using ice cubes. For women below are some Benefits of Ice Stone to beautify the face

Prevent Acne
If your face is acne easily, can prevent this by using ice cubes. Because Ice Stone can reduce or soothe the area around the acne. Ice cubes that taste cold, can reduce the production of oil on the face so it can prevent acne on your face.

Reduce Face On Face
Ice cubes can be very beneficial in reducing fat on the face. The way to use it is very easy, you just need to wash your face with ice cubes for a week. This can help prevent fat cells that the face remains under control.

Minimize Pores
Ice cubes can also shrink the pores in your face. In a very simple way, you just bring enough ice cubes put on cotton or cloth and then massage gently with a twisted rhythm in the face and neck area. Do this for 30 days, it will feel the difference in the pores on your face.

Preventing Sunburned Skin
If your skin is easily burned by the sun, then you can overcome this problem with ice cubes. cold ice cubes can make skin burnt by the sun can feel more comfortable and cold on the sun burned by the sun.

Eliminate the fine hair on the face
For those of you who have Hair Fine on the face, it is a bit annoying for some people who are very concerned about his appearance. For those of you want to disappear facial hairs, you can use ice cubes as a medium by massaging face with ice cubes, after massaging with ice cubes continue with use of facial scrub. The method to get rid of the fine hair on this face, it takes time and patience, because this method is slowly but surely, because the workings of this ice cube will remove the fine root hair in the face area gradually.


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