Benefits Of Jasmine Flowers For Beauty

Benefits Of Jasmine Flowers For Beauty – Jasmine flowers are often planted by many people as ornamental plants, which will multiply the beauty of the atmosphere. As for the treatment, jasmine flowers contribute quite large due to the important substances in it. Some of the chemicals contained in these flowers such as etheric oil, jasmon, livalylacetaat, indole, benzilic acetate, and others.

Jasmine Flowers For Beauty

The following are the benefits of jasmine for beauty :

Smooth skin body.
Maybe this time the women so want to have a smooth body and soft. To get it, you do not need to use expensive treatments. Only by consuming any jasmine flowers can be realized.

How to make the skin soft way, take a handful of jasmine, wash thoroughly and finely mashed. Add rose water, or olive oil. if you want to get the maximum results, you can mix milk or honey. Apply on the skin evenly, rubbing for 20 minutes until all dead skin cells can be lifted out. Clean with a wet towel, then rinse thoroughly. For maximum results, you can use this mask 2 to 3 times a week.

Strengthens Hair.
Not only aloe vera is useful to strengthen hair in overcoming loss. Jasmine flowers can also be used to strengthen the hair so it is not easy to fall out.
How to prepare 14 jasmine flowers, 6 mangkokan leaves, 2 pandan perfume, 6 leaves aring aring, 1 cup coconut oil, 50 ml sesame oil, 10 grams pecan, 2 roses, and 4 liters of water. Coconut oil and sesame oil mixed and heat, all other leaves and pecan pounded until smooth. All the ingredients are then mixed and heated with low heat for 20 minutes. Cooking water is filtered and cooled. After a cold, apply on the scalp while massaged massage. Do this twice a day before taking a bath.

Prevent premature aging.
Eating a cup of jasmine tea every day is believed to make skin ageless. This is because the high content of antioxidants in jasmine tea can fight free radicals that cause damaged skin. So, if you want to always look young, besides exercising regularly, together with a cup of jasmine tea every day.


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