Benefits Of Moringa Leaves For Eyes

Benefits Of Moringa Leaves For Eyes – has been widely known since long but because it is not so famous that people who recognize this property is also not so much. So for those of you who have not recognized this subject, from now on if you see the moringa plant do not throw it away because it is considered a disturbing bush. If necessary you should plant this Moringa leaves around your house to be used as herbal remedies for some health problems.

Benefits Of Moringa Leaves For Eyes

Benefits Of Moringa Leaves For Eyes

Benefits Moringa Leaves For Eye Health :
If you are currently still in doubt if you want to eat Moringa leaf then you should remove the doubt. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) that the United Nations is very recommended for children and infants to eat Moringa leaf regularly. This subject is caused by Moringa leaves very good for the growth and development of children and very good for the problem of vision so that children have sharp eyesight and clean.
Here is the nutritional content and nutrients in the leaves of Moringa:

Vitamin C
Moringa leaves contain high vitamin C even 7 times higher than those in citrus fruits. So if you consider that the main source of vitamin C is in oranges or tomatoes then you are wrong because vitamin C in the leaves more kelor. Vitamin C is very important for the health of the body in particular can be used as a natural antioxidant so that the body can fight free radicals that ultimately can make the body become healthy and not easily hurt.

Other nutrients contained in the leaf Moringa is potassium. Potassium mineral compound is very good for brain health and nerves. If you’ve been knowing only bananas as the biggest source of potassium then you are wrong because the potassium content in the leaf Moringa 2 times more than that in bananas.

Vitamin A
There are many benefits of vitamin A like maintaining heart health, eye health, skin care. Overcoming diarrhea and many other diseases. source of foods rich in vitamin A so far that is famous is carrots but did you know that the content of vitamin A in the leaves of this Moringa more than that in the carrots where 4 times more

Other content that is in this little leaf in fact very large is calcium. Calcium is very important for healthy bones and teeth. During this time you may meet the needs of calcium by drinking cow milk but did you know that in the Moringa leaf there is calcium 4 times more than that in cow’s milk? Obviously true. So for those of you who have babies, toddlers and adolescents it is better to provide more moringa leaves than giving formula milk alone. One of the content in the leaves of Moringa is vitamin A. Vitamin A is useful for eye health.

Vitamin A in Moringa leaves
Vitamin A is needed for the eye so that the function of cell cells in the eye can still work well so that you will be avoided from various types of eye diseases such as cataracts, nearsightedness, close density, and other bad eyesight. the workings of vitamin A on the eyes is to turn it into retinol. Retinol is a natural compound in vitamin A that works directly against the cells of the eye cells.

This retinol will directly work in the retinal stem cells so that it can improve the visibility performance of eye vision so that the eyes have a clear and sharp vision. By eating the leaves Moringa routine it will make the object that had looked blurred will become clear again. So for those of you who are elderly and have blurred vision is also very expected to eat Moringa leaf.


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