The Benefits of Rose Water For Face And Skin

The Benefits of Rose Water For Face And Skin – Rose water is the most widely applied with health and feminine care. Many of the properties that are produced. Because the content is very much and good for health care. Rose water contains antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients that keep you from irritation. The nature of rose water itself is anti-inflammatory make your face that initially looks reddish will subside.

Benefits of Rose Water

In addition, the content of vitamins A, C, and E are very good for your skin and hair. Even the content of vitamin C in the value of 8 times more than vitamin C in general, because there is the content of Roses Hip Seeds. there is this content provides anti oxidant effect is very good to keep from aging your skin.

here are the benefits of rose water for face and skin :

Good for acne prone skin
Roses in grades wise enough to solve the problem of acne skin. Enough with rinse water in the morning and evening, can overcome the problem of inflammation of your acne. One usefulness is as an antiseptic of the bacterial problem is very susceptible on the part of the acne, so that the pore pores that originally clogged can be re-clean again.

Refreshing skin
Rose water is refreshing when you apply on top of your skin. Good all skin types, rose water good for use. Usefulness can soften and refresh your skin. Even the redness of your skin can also be lost

Brighten skin
Another benefit that you can get when using rose water is to brighten your skin. This subject is influenced because the content of vitamin A and vitamin E that works very well for helping to peel away dead skin cells. So it can be replaced with new skin that is more fresh and brighter.

Prevent premature aging
Another highly promoted content of rose water is Rose hip Seeds. this substance has a very rich vitamin C content. It can even be one of the antioxidants, so the nutrients can be felt by the deep skin. This makes your skin more elastic. Not only that, but also prevent wrinkles from the effects of aging.

Healthy eyes
For those of you who often sleep at night this is not very good for the health of your eyes. Usually you will look sluggish, less powerful, even around the area of your eyes to be black like a panda. Do not worry, because using a rose water compress can menyegarka your eyes as well as healthy.

Long hair
Rose water is not only good for your skin and face, but also for hair health as well. If you are anxious because of short hair does not go long, try using a rose potion. Enough to wipe the rose water in your hair.

Maintaining healthy hair
The benefits you can use to maintain your health and hair care. The trick with the dry and dirty scalp is cleaned using this rose water. Its antiseptic content prevents irritation.

Reduces dandruff
Rose water can also eradicate dandruff that interferes with your head. The way is quite easy, namely by washing the head of existing ketombenya with this rose water.

Reduce line line due to underwear
In the folds of legs and female organs usually cause marks of underwear. This is very disturbing beauty of your foot skin. It usually leaves a red mark. One way is by compressing rose water.

Eliminate acne scars
Rose water that you combine with sandalwood paste is very powerful to prevent stubborn acne scars. Because only rely on natural solution, then the process of disappearing a little longer time. How:

  • Mix between 2 tablespoons of sandalwood powder with 1 tablespoon of rose water
  • Stir until a ‘sandalwood paste’
  • Wash your face with warm water. Its function is to open your pore pores
  • Apply the paste to the top of your face
  • Leave it for 20 minutes or wait until it dries
  • Wash off using ice cold water

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