Benefits of Starfruit For Face Care

Benefits of Starfruit For Face Care – Carambola is a fruit that has a distinctive shape and comes from the territory of Indonesia and Sri Lanka, this fruit is also an icon of one city in Indonesia is the city of Depok. Fruit that turned out to have a slightly sweet and refreshing taste has many benefits for skin beauty, it certainly can we use as a natural skin care is safe from the dangers of side effects.

Benefits of Starfruit For Face Care

Star fruit is often grown in the tropics like in Indonesia, this fruit is also quite easy to get in the market and the market is relatively cheap, blimbing very delicious served as a juice or sweets. Blimbing fruit is rich in vitamin C content where this type of vitamin plays an important role as skin nutrition as well as antioxidants that can protect the skin from free radical damage.Here is the Benefit of Starfruit For Face Care :

Smooth the rough skin
The presence of high vitamin in blimbing fruit can be useful for the skin becomes more smooth and soft, the method of treatment is very easy, prepare one blimbing ripe, then grated until soft. Then wipe your face first with cold water, then apply a blimbing already in the puree on a dry face evenly, let the blimbing nutrients seep into the skin by letting it stick to the face for 20-30 minutes, then wash by washing the face using cold water .

Prevent signs of premature aging
Early signs of aging can occur at the age of 30, so we prevented from this problem then routinely perform treatment with mask blimbing, you can also mix the starfruit mask with fruit and other natural ingredients so that the benefits obtained more berfariasi.

Eliminate acne
High vitamin C content in this blimbing fruit bermanfat to overcome the problem of acne on the face, how very simple, sliced ​​starfruit with medium size, then clean face first with cold water, then apply the starfruit slices to the face for a few minutes, let the starfruit sticking all night, and the next day freshly cleaned, do this way regularly at night before bed, then the pimple will dry off lost from your face

Reduce excess oil
Oily face will be more at risk of various types of skin problems, especially blackheads and acne, starfruit mask can keep the oil content on the face and can make the face more fresh.

Hydrates the skin
High water content in star fruit, can provide a refreshing effect to the skin and protect the skin to keep moisture awake.


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