Benefits Of Tea Bags for Beauty

Benefits Of Tea Bags for Beauty – Both served cold and warm, tea is a drink rich in anti-oxidants are quite popular among various circles. According to some studies, drinking a regular cup of tea can even reduce levels of stress, increase metabolism, and reduce the risk of cancer. Not only that, the dregs of tea was also contains various properties, you know. One of them to take care of skin beauty. Hmm, what about the benefits of tea dregs for beauty? Check out the full info here.

Benefits Of Tea Bags for Beauty

Prevent Premature Aging

Worried about the problem of premature aging of the skin? Take it easy! You can use the tea dregs to make skin tighter. The way is easy enough, really. Mix the tea dregs evenly on the face in a clean condition, then let stand to dry. After that, rinse and clean the tea pulp attached to the face with lukewarm water until clean. As many have known, tea is high in anti-oxidants. In addition to helping improve the tissue and skin elasticity, this natural ingredient is also good for fighting the signs of skin aging, such as fine lines, age spots and wrinkles.

Disguise Eye Pouch

Too long staring at the laptop screen or often work until the late also became one of the causes of the emergence of black and enlarged eye bags. In addition to overcome with eye cream, you can also use the tea dregs to reduce the problem. Tea has high anti-irritant and anti-oxidant properties that can reduce swelling in the area around the eyes. Compress both parts of your eyes with a tea bag or tea bag that has been dipped in ice water to get a cool cool effect. Leave until you feel relaxed, then rinse by using clean water. Routine do this at least three times a week, apparently also can reduce the tired eyes and help restore the natural bright hue on the skin in the eye area.

Troubleshooting Acne

Various skin care products have you tried to overcome the acne, but the results remain nil? Maybe you need to try the tea dregs. How to apply it is quite simple. You just need to mix the tea dregs with water until the texture thickens. Apply on acne prone skin, then let stand until dry, then rinse with warm water until clean. Do this step everyday until your acne problem subsides. Catechin compounds in tea can fight the bacteria that cause acne. Besides certainly more economical, using tea for beauty treatments are also more efficient and safe because it is a natural ingredient that will minimize side effects.

Controlling Oil Gland Production

Your face skin is super oily? No need to worry. In addition to reducing acne, tea dregs can also be used as a solution to overcome the luster in the face, you know. These natural ingredients contain polysaccharide compounds that are useful to regulate the balance of sugar levels that also affect the production of sebum glands that cause excess oil levels. How to apply it is quite simple, even not much different with the above steps.

Helps exfoliation

The tea bag has a coarse texture that can be used to exfoliate dead skin cells. In addition to being able to remove a variety of dirt, dust and pollution, the content in tea is also well known for soothing, refining and lightening skin tone. If you want to try it, try mixing tea dregs on the entire surface of the face. Then, gently massage the face area in a circular motion with slow pressure. Let stand for 5 – 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. In a week, you only need to do this way once or twice to avoid the thinning of the skin layer from being too often excused. To avoid skin problems, you should not use the tea dregs that have been given various mixes, such as sugar, milk, or other ingredients.


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