Benefits Petroleum Jelly for Baby Skin Care

Benefits Petroleum Jelly for Baby Skin Care – Newborn baby skin is still sensitive to fragrances, detergents, dye clothes, even baby products themselves. In addition, there are also weather related conditions such as cold air, which can affect the baby’s skin.
Condition of Baby Skin that Need Special Care.

Benefits Petroleum Jelly for Baby Skin Care

Petroleum Jelly

Some baby skin conditions that can be overcome with Petroleum Jelly include :

Eczema Against Infants usually can begin to appear from 2 to 6 months after birth (usually starting before reaching the age of 5 years). Signs are a red rash on the cheeks, dry cheeks, itching, and scaly. The cause of eczema is a sensitive and dry baby’s skin. To alleviate this condition, apply petroleum jelly before meals and before bed, in order to keep the skin moist. Keep baby bathing but not too often. Cut the baby’s nails are always short so as not to hurt the skin when scratching.

Diaper rash
Popk rash can be known from a red rash with a slightly protruding skin in a diaper-covered area. This situation occurs because the baby’s skin is still sensitive direct contact with the dirt on the diaper. This diaper rash tends to occur when you change the baby menu or the baby has just consumed a new food, thus changing the texture as well as the state of the dirt. Using petroleum jelly can help overcome a baby’s diaper rash. This substance is a barrier that protects the skin from impurities that cause irritation.

Helps Healing Wounds
When wound healing, the skin tends to dry out, and not infrequently and this prolonged wound healing, especially when the part is peeling off. The use of petroleum jelly is known to help the process of wound healing by preventing the formation of scabs on the wound that dries. Petroleum jelly also helps reduce itching during wound healing, as well as reduce the risk of scar formation of the skin. For example on healing wounds due to scratches, or even to healing circumcision wounds, however, consult with your doctor first for use.

Baby Skin Care Tips

In order for baby’s skin does not get sick easily and stay healthy, there are several ways to properly take care of him. The way it is :

Bathing in a newborn baby, only need two or three times a week. Use warm water to bathe the baby. Make sure the water is warm, not hot. Wipe the soap on a cloth and gently rub it on the baby’s body. Use that way too to give shampoo to the baby’s head. To clean the face, use a cotton ball that has been moistened with water. When done, lift the baby from the water, wrap the baby’s body with a towel, then dry.

Give moisturizer
After the baby’s body is dry, apply a moisturizer to the skin of his body. Give a gentle massage so that the moisturizer quickly penetrates. Moisturizers such as petroleum jelly, can be used to make baby’s body skin protected from drought while keeping moisture.

Avoid irritant material
Better be careful in using products to care for baby’s skin. Some products may irritate the skin. For example it can be perfume or fragrance or detergent contained in soap products, shampoo, or laundry soap.

Wash new clothes
When there is new clothes for the baby, including a towel, make sure to wash it before use. New clothes may have been exposed to a lot of dirt or materials that are not friendly to baby’s skin. So, although it looks new and clean, it’s better to avoid the risks that will make baby’s skin problematic.

Avoid the sun
Avoid drying the baby under direct sun, especially infants under six months. Exposure to direct sunlight can be a dangerous ingredient for baby skin that is still classified as very sensitive. If the baby is over six months old can just be taken out of the house, but provide protection. These protectors can be clothing that covers the entire body or give sunscreen containing sun protection factor (SPF). Also read the Causes of Finger Pain during Pregnancy

Basically how to care for baby’s skin is not as difficult as you imagine. Use special products for babies and you just need to understand the above ways and apply them to babies. Although you already understand, if there are abnormalities in your baby’s skin, immediately checked to the doctor.


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