Best Antioxidant Juice Recipe for Healthy and Strong Body

Antioxidant juice is an alternative for those who like to drink juice as well as to meet the needs of antioxidants for your body. As it is known that antioxidants are substances that are beneficial to prevent any diseases that lurk our bodies all the time. Not a few who say if antioxidants will make someone could look younger, because these compounds are thought to combat the effects of aging. So, here’s the importance of antioxidants for our body to strengthen your immune system in order to not get sick easily.

Many ways to get intake of antioxidants because of many food and drinks contain antioxidants, and one of them is antioxidant juice. Yes, this is perfect for those of you who like to consume juice, because in addition to the freshness and taste delicious, also has tremendous benefits for the body, this antioxidant juice can be easily created. The following recipe makes antioxidant juice, in order to your body becomes healthy and strong.


-4 medium-sized apples
-500 grams of black grapes
-250 grams of strawberries
-100 grams of bits fruit
-Ice cubes as needed

How to Make:

-Peel and wash the apple.
-Clear all ingredients and put in a blender.
-Puree until completely mixed and really soft.
-Strain the juice and pour into a glass.
-Serve immediately.

Above are the ingredients and how to make juice antioxidant, which is very simple, and can be regarded as the best antioxidant juice because of its content. The juice is very well taken every day, and deliberately uses ripe strawberries to avoid the use of sugar in this recipe. If you do not like strawberries you can replace it with kiwi fruit. Happy trying antioxidant juice recipe that is rich in vitamin C, and of course is also rich in antioxidants.


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