Best Benefits Guava For Health

Best Benefits Guava For Health – Guava is one type of guava is very popular by people. the sweeter taste and softer texture make it easier for people to like it. Guava is a plant originating from the country of mexico, south america. Currently guava or called latin guava has become a cultivated cultivation that has been cultivated to almost all corners of the world during the tropical or sub-tropical climate as in the country of Indonesia. nutritional content and nutrients in the guava red is very good for the body.

Best Benefits Guava For Health

Benefits Guava For Health

Red Guava not only has a tasty and distinctive taste but also has a very good vitamin and nutrient content for the body. should the body indeed consume various fruits in order to meet the nutritional and nutritional needs. One of them is by eating red guava. This red guava contains fiber, vitamin C, folic acid, antioxidants and others. even according to research the content of vitamin C in guava contain 4 times greater than that in citrus fruits.

The content inside the red guava
Why red guava fruit is good for health? Here are some nutritional and nutritional content in the red guava and make the reason that red guava is very good for the body.

In red guava has high antioxidant content is very good for the health of the body. it turns out not only in the fruit but also in the leaves, so you can also make tea made from dried red guava leaves. Antioxidants are very important for the health of the body because it can counteract karsenogenik substances or more famous with free radical istila. If free radicals enter the body easily it can cause cellular damage that can trigger the growth of various types of diseases such as cancer, disease in blood vessels and other dangerous diseases. therefore you need not hesitate if you want to eat red guava.

Fruits that have red meat such as red guava, watermelon, strawberry, red dragon fruit contains a substance called fitonutrein where the benefits are very good for eye health and also maintain prostate organs.

Vitamin A
Did you know that you are better advised to eat fruit that has bright and seductive colors? This is not because it looks more beautiful and fresh but also the fruit has more nutritional and nutritional content than the fruit is pale. Fresh and bright fruit such as mango, red guava, watermelon, tomato and others contain a very high rubber substance. Rubenoid is a vitamin A where vitamin A is also very good for health. Vitamin A is well known for its excellent eye health but also excellent for preventing heart disease, keeping skin healthy, boosting the immune system, and maintaining and treating the body’s cells.

Vitamin C
According to research the content of vitamin C in red guava fruit 4 times more than in oranges. This amount is certainly very good for you because the benefits of vitamin C is very important for the body. the benefits of vitamin C is among others to maintain healthy teeth, gums and mouth, maintain blood vessel health, improve brain function, help menyenbuhkan scars and help the body when absorbing iron. In addition vitamin C is also used to help meniingkatkan collagen where cells are formed.

Benefits of red guava for health

Once you know what the content is in the red guava then maybe you wonder what are the benefits of red guava fruit for health. The following are some of the benefits of red guava for health.

Prevent cancer
The benefits of red guava fruit is to prevent cancer. This is because red guava fruit contains low calorie and fat. In addition, vitamin content is also quite high in red guava fruit. The content of antioxidants in red guava fruit is also effective in preventing the growth of cancer cells significantly if you consume them regularly.

Smooth digestion
In addition to other antioxidant content in the red guava fruit but in it also contains 5.4 grams of soluble fiber in each fruit. Fiber is then able to smooth digestion and avoid the buildup of dirt in the intestines. In addition, fiber also functions in protecting the intestinal membrane from the bonds of harmful chemicals from foods and beverages that enter the body. chemicals that are allegedly causing cancer.

Maintain nerve and brain function
By eating regularly red guava fruit that means you are also trying to maintain the function of nerves and your brain. This is because red guava contains vitamin B3 and vitamin b6 that are able to stimulate brain performance. Vitamin B6 or also known as pyridoxine also serves as a blood flow facilitator and can provide nutritional intake and nutrients needed by the brain and nerves.

Nourish the thyroid gland
Thyroid gland is a gland that is very important for the health of the body. if the function of this gland is disrupted then it will also be able to make the body’s health becomes disturbed. To help nourish the thyroid gland, you can eat red guava fruit because it contains copper minerals that are very good for the health of the thyroid gland.


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