Best Time For You To Use Moisturizer

Best Time For You To Use Moisturizer – Must maintain cleanliness, skin health must be maintained properly. One is to use a moisturizer. Even though you will not wear makeup or will just spend the day at home, the use of moisturizer is still important. But, already know yet, to get maximum results, there are best times to use moisturizer. Anytime? Scroll continues to know whenever the best time to use moisturizer.

Best Time For You To Use Moisturizer

Best Time For You To Use Moisturizer

Here is the Best Time For You To Use Moisturizer

Before sleeping

Make it a moisturizer as part of your skin care routine before going to sleep. Moisturizer is useful to repair skin damage that occurs during the day. In addition, the body loses a lot of fluid at bedtime so that the skin moisture will be reduced. By using a moisturizer before bed, the skin will remain hydrated and the effects of aging will be minimized. If you are uncomfortable with the stickiness of the moisturizer, choose a mild texture moisturizer such as lotion or gel. For body skin, you can use a moisturizer in certain areas such as elbows, knees, and knuckles.

Shortly after Washing the Face and Bath

After drying the skin of the face and body, skin moisture will begin to disappear due to contact with air, not to mention if the cleanser used can make the skin dry. Therefore, it is important for us to immediately restore and lock the skin moisture by using a moisturizer. For the face area, try to use a moisturizer in less than 1 minute. While in the area of ​​the body, use a moisturizer in less than 5 minutes after you dry the body. That way, the moisture of our skin will be well preserved!

Before and After Shaving

Shaving is one form of exfoliation on the skin of the body. Friction between the shaver and the skin not only lifts the fine hair, but also lifts the dead skin cell layer. When exfoliated, the skin has the ability to absorb moisture better. Take advantage of this condition to provide nutrients to the skin. In addition, the use of an exfoliated skin moisturizer also helps protect the new skin layer and prevent it from drying out. Using moisturizer before shaving is also not less important, you know! In addition to helping the shaving process becomes easier, moist skin will also reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Before and After Airplane Ride

The airplane cabin has a very low humidity level of about 10 – 20%. In fact, the humidity of space that we occupy generally ranges from 30 – 65%. In this condition the body will experience several reactions, one of them is dry skin. Before boarding the plane clean the face with micellar water, and continue using a moisturizer. After that, just before landing, repeat the step. That way, your skin will remain moist during and after the flight. Do not forget to accompany by drinking enough water

After Exercising

When exercising, the sweat that comes out of the body will evaporate and can cause the skin to become dehydrated. Dehydrated skin can cause skin cells to die faster and risk clogging the pores of the skin. After exercising, rinse the body and immediately use a light moisturizer to lock moisture on the skin. If you exercise outdoors, do not forget to use a mild moisturizer with a sunscreen before exercise.


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