Blood Donors Can Cure Alzheimer’s in Parents

Blood Donors Can Cure Alzheimer’s in Parents – Blood may be the only part of the body that can be donated many times without going through the surgery process and without pain afterwards. And it turns out not only can help so many people, blood donate also has other surprising benefits, namely to cure Alzheimer’s in the elderly.

Blood Donors Can Cure Alzheimer’s in Parents

Blood Donors Can Cure Alzheimer's in Parents

Research from Stanford University announces that blood donations from young people can help Alzheimer’s recovery in the elderly. The study tested the blood donation of young people to some parents with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s condition.

The study, which was discussed at the Clinical Trial on Alzheimer’s Disease conference, reveals a process of parabiocise in the blood system, where trials were first performed on young rats and old rats. Mouse blood donation to old rats can improve their general memory and health.

This inspired researchers to test the try on humans, and see if changes to the brain also occur in humans. And it turns out, blood donors young adults to the elderly can reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and improve memory.

Further research is still needed to know more clearly how to use this invention. Of course this is good news yes, because blood donation is not only a trivial social action, but also helps the survival of others and even help strengthen his memory.


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