Body Symptoms Lack of Fiber That Can Not Be Ignored

Body Symptoms Lack of Fiber That Can Not Be Ignored – How important is the fiber to the body? The answer is very important. We need fiber to keep our body healthy, maintain metabolism smoothly, and manage the system and body functions smoothly. Do not get the body lack of fiber, yes ladies. The less fiber body can usually be seen from perceived signs or signals transmitted by the body. Like the five following symptoms that should not be ignored.

Body Symptoms Lack of Fiber That Can Not Be Ignored

Body Symptoms Lack of Fiber


Easy Hungry Although New Finish Eating
We can be full longer by eating foods rich in fiber than carbohydrate-rich foods. This is because the fiber content can form gel-like material in the gastrointestinal tract that makes the absorption of nutrients in the bloodstream more slowly. So the satiety effect is longer. If you often feel hungry even after just eating, there is a possibility that your body is actually less fiber.

Energy Shortage
If you eat carbohydrate-rich foods, energy can increase in an instant but then become easily tired then. The body will produce more insulin that causes sudden energy changes. Meanwhile, if you eat foods rich in fiber, blood sugar will increase slowly so that the energy levels of the body will be fulfilled properly.

Bowel obstruction
Yup, if you are constipated or constipated, most likely your body lacks fiber. Fiber is needed by the body for digestion to run smoothly.

Hard Weight Loss
Well, this ya that may be the cause of your hard diet or hard to lose weight. If you are hard to lose weight, there is a possibility the body lacks fiber.

Has Heart Problems
Fiber can work best with other nutrients such as iron, zinc, and B vitamins to lower cholesterol levels. If you have a problem or disorder with the heart, try changing the diet to meet the needs of the fiber better.


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