Candle Smoke Is Dangers

Candle Smoke Is Dangers

Candle Smoke
Candle Smoke – Candles are objects that have great functions for human life, even useful when the lights went out state or failure.
Not only that, the candle also invited keromatisan side of each pair. For example, when the lovers dinner or so-called dating at the dinner table there must be some candles to invite romance and warmth.

Additionally, you can express the feeling of using a candle, by turning off the lights and light a candle around you. You create a situation that invites serenity side ith the support of the candle.

However, do you know if it is actually harmful to the health of the body wax? Candles containing deadly poisons such as trichloroethane, acetone, xylene, phenol, cresol, and chlorobenzene. The content of these toxins capable of causing various diseases in the organs of your body.

Some diseases that threaten the health of the body due to the candle namely:

Allergy triggers, when you breathe in the scent of the candle is working, your breathing will be disturbed and cause no irritation to the respiratory tract and improve breathing skrepsi.

Breathing problems, for those who suffer from asthma should stay away from smoke paraffin wax because the wax content is able aggravate asthma and make your lungs become distracted or irritable.

Headaches, candle many kinds such as aromatherapy candles. Although aromatherapy candle wax but still contain chemicals such as benzene and toluene can cause headaches when sipped.

Kidney tumors, lit candles will smoke, candle smoke inhaled can interfere with breathing, if done in the long term will lead to a deadly disease that kidney tumors. Then, use the wax enough to avoid the disease.

Cancer, if the frequency of candle smoke inhalation will cause cancer because it contains diesel fumes. Try not to use candles around you.

Hormone Imbalance Causes, ketidaskseimbangan hormones can cause damage to the brain, liver, and lungs. This hormone imbalance caused by too much smoke excessively. Therefore candles containing lead is harmful to health.

Use candles to taste, because the candle smoke is very harmful to the health of your body organs.
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