How To Care For Curly Hair Naturally

How To Care For Curly Hair Naturally –  How to treat curly hair, curly hair tends to dry so it requires treatment naturally. With treatment with modern products exactly curly hair will be more dry and difficult in the set. With proper care, the curly hair will not expand as well as frio hair. There are some weaknesses of curly hair, one of which is very easy to tangle, so you need a special type of comb to straighten your curly hair. There are many ways to make curly hair become smoother and look beautiful.

How To Care For Curly Hair Naturally

Curly Hair Naturally

Although there are now enough modern products to straighten curly hair or better known as rebonding, but on the other hand it will accelerate your hair damage. As we know that the rebonding or straightening of the hair using chemicals with heating at high temperatures. This will certainly damage the natural chemical elements of your hair. So if you too often do rebonding your curly hair, will be more damaged and drier. The ultimate beauty of your hair as a crown will disappear.

With proper care, your curly hair will look more beautiful and healthy. Even so you can still straighten hair, but not in a straightforward way, like from curly hair to straight, it is a coercion that actually harm your own hair health. So what exactly is the damage of hair due to too often do rebonding. There are some things you should understand that rebonding will not solve your curly hair problem and it will cause new problems. Indeed, with the look of your straight hair as if your crown will be more glitter, but behind it all, actually you just accelerate the damage to your own hair. Here are some risks due to rebonding curly hair :

Hair exposed to chemicals

As is known that the process of straightening hair by rebonding is certainly using harmful chemicals that can damage and knock your hair. When rebonding usually use chemicals such as sodium hydroxide which is alkaline. Well this alkaline nature that can damage the hair structure. Even if you do it at the salon at high cost. it is not a guarantee.

Hair will be more dry

With rebonding your hair will be dry, because as we know that one of the rebonding process is to use high temperatures to help hair straightening. Excessive heating of the rebonding process will erode the natural moisture in your hair, which results in worsening hair dryness.

End of branched hair

Your hair damage continues. As it is known that hair dryness triggers hair branching because of the loss of moisture is quite severe. If such things do not kinjung you realize the cause, then it could be kerontonkan hair you will experience. Thus if you are forced to do rebonding preferably for special occasions only and not for daily appearances.


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