Cause Of Excessive Hair Loss

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Cause Of Excessive Hair Loss – No one likes it if you have problems with hair, especially hair loss. Besides being unhealthy, hair loss also disturbs appearance. Hair loss also makes you feel lazy to comb hair, because you see your hair falling and littering the floor. Actually, what causes excessive hair loss? Surely you ever thought like that. And you already use a shampoo that is not cheap complete with conditioner.

Cause Of Excessive Hair Loss



Apparently, the cause of excessive hair loss does not only relate to the shampoo you use. There are many other factors that could be the cause of excessive hair loss you need to know. Here’s the review for you:

1. Vitamin Deficiency
Hair loss is also affected by the vitamins and nutrients you consume from food. So, fill your vitamins and nutritional needs with a balanced diet and increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

2. Unhealthy Scalp
It can also be the cause of excessive hair loss. If the scalp is not healthy, then the hair can not live healthy too.

3. Rarely Shampooing
Rarely shampooing causes moist and oily hair especially if exposed to sun exposure and make the roots of hair mixed with sweat. The sweat can be absorbed and cause the hair limp and fall.

4. Setting Hair
One way of styling on this hair gives an unfavorable effect to the hair peg hair close to the root of hair. This will cause the hair roots to become not strong and dry. So it causes hair loss.

5. Hormones
The causes of excessive hair loss are also related to hormones. Hormonal imbalances usually begin to appear at age above 35 years. The older a person, the more obvious the hormonal changes will be. So do not be surprised if parents experience hair loss.

6. Hair Tie Too Tight
When the hair is tied too tight, hair root stuck in the head also interested. Instead, do not too often tie your hair too.

7. Stress
Poor feeling and mood conditions also affect your hair. Because when you’re stressed, the nerve muscles that are in the head come tense and cause the hair nerve roots to become brittle.

8. Disease and Infection
There are several diseases that can cause excessive hair loss, such as diabetes and lupus. Infection of the scalp can also cause hair loss. This infection is usually caused by something.

9. Chemicals
These chemicals can be contained in hair dyes or anything else. So if you want to dye hair, choose a coloring product that does not damage your hair.


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