Causes Fail Diet lose Weight

3 Causes Fail Diet lose Weight

Causes Fail Diet In lose Weight
Is the diet program that you do still fail? Consider the things that are often the cause of failure of a healthy diet program that is often not realized.

Causes Fail Diet lose Weight

1. Lack of Sleep

Lifestyle a healthy associated with sleep patterns, normal human sleep 8 hours a day or at least 7 hours a day. Meanwhile, according to research people who slept less than seven hours will make the production of the hormone cortisol, blood sugar and insulin production will naik.Hal it triggers the body to become hungry faster and make the insulin resistance where such resistance will make the body store more fat.

2. Retaliation After Sports

The fatal error is often a factor in the failure of diet but did not realize that “revenge” after working with overeating. Once the exercise is usually the body is feeling more hungry for calories in the body had been burned. Let’s just say you have to burn calories by 500 calories after you are exhausted berolaraga body will feel very hungry after your workout vent akhrinya fatigue by eating regardless of food eaten. The phenomenon that occurs is the amount of calories you burn 500 calories but consumed after exercise could have 600 calories. Finally, not diminished even gain weight.

3. Late Lunch

It sring considered trivial by those who are running the program to lose weight. There is also a feeling if it’s late to eat better, and some even deliberately delay the hour of eating. Though this would be bad for your diet because most of them were late eating will feel hungry at meal times making it difficult to exercise restraint and end up eating more servings preformance of the sehausnya. Things that are considered trivial like this more often derail a person’s diet program.

So are some tips on how to lose weight that you can implement. Success or failure of this program depends on the intention of each individual who did it. The most important is to build motivation and Awareness ourselves that we are able to do so and that spirit is the most decisive factor in running any kind of healthy diet tips. Respectfully.


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  1. I think that beside late lunch, not hydrating your body as well is a enormous mistake! Also it’s best to totally take out dinner totally. In combination with some low carb diet (for example 3 week diet system, you will be surprised by the results! Been there, i know what i’m talking about, and good luck to everyone who’s still struggling, but remember not to give up!

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