Causes Of Brittle And Broken Nails

Causes Of Brittle And Broken Nails – Fingernails are made of a layer of protein called keratin. New nail cells grow under the cuticle, causing old cells to thicken and harden, then pushed out toward the fingertips. Unfortunately, not everyone has strong and healthy nails. Finger nails are soft, brittle, and easily broken is a condition commonly found.

Causes Of Brittle And Broken Nails

Causes Of Brittle And Broken Nails

Brittle nails are a mirror of a number of problems in the body that you may not have noticed before. Anything?

1. Less intake of minerals and vitamins

Nails that are thin and soft to easily bent or broken are often associated with low levels of zync and iron in the body (anemia). These three minerals play an important role in the formation of hemoglobin, a protein contained in red blood cells to transport oxygen from the lungs throughout the body, including into the nail matrix. Without adequate mineral intake, healthy nail growth will be disrupted.

Nail pitted surfaces (nail pits) and fragile ends, often found in patients with psoriasis. In addition, the lack of intake of vitamin C, vitamin B complex, folic acid, and calcium are common causes of dull and dry nails, and easily broken.

2. Finger club syndrome

In addition, the lack of oxygen intake into the nail matrix can also lead to clubbing nails, a condition marked by the nail surface being convex and curved, the nail tips rounded without angles. Lack of long-term oxygen levels (chronic hypoxia), especially in the periphery of the fingers, will stimulate the brain to dilate blood vessels in the fingers. The condition of this tabuh finger is permanent and indicates the possibility of lung disease and congenital heart.

In addition to heart and lung problems, this disorder can also be caused by gastrointestinal disturbances (malabsorption, Chron disease, cirrhosis, hepatopulmonary syndrome as a complication of cirrhosis) or hyperthyroidism.

3. Stress

Healthy nails generally grow about 1 millimeter per week (twice as fast as nails) and take about six months for the nail to grow completely from the base up. Heavy stress can accelerate the growth of nails to beat its strength. In addition, stress can also trigger the unconscious habit to scratch / scrub or bite the fingernails to cause the nail pillow to erode. As a result, the nails will be wavy and brittle when growing back.

4. Bacterial and fungal infections

Nail disorders are one of the most common dermatological conditions found, and most are caused by fungal infections. The fungus will attack the cushions and nail surfaces, especially on toenails due to moisture in socks and shoes, the main source where bacteria multiply.

If you are concerned about changes to your nails, be it texture or color, you should consult your doctor immediately. The doctor will perform a physical examination on your nails and compare it with a number of possibilities caused by various health conditions.


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