Characteristic features Twin pregnancies

Characteristic features Twin pregnancies
Although you never planned to have twins, but there is certainly a pleasure when the doctor said that there are two fetus in your womb.

You certainly can imagine how the birth of two little babies are very cute and healthy. The presence of two tiny creature is obviously going to make each pair of parents feel happy.

But if you just crave the presence of twins – but because there are twin offspring in the family,then this could be good news.

Characteristic features Twin pregnancies

Characteristic features Twin pregnancies
Although not all experience, but most mothers are pregnant with twins have characteristics very intense. For example, the shape of their breasts are very large, the hunger that always come up all the time, more easily tired, and very frequent urination.

Sometimes, they would find it difficult to breathe when entering the 2nd trimester, swelling of the hands and feet, the uterus is so enlarged, powerful movements of the fetus, as well as weight gain is classified as not normal. Anemia problem will also be very often experienced by mothers who are pregnant with twins.

Characteristic features Twin pregnancies In addition, there are many other accounts which could be a sign that you are pregnant with twins. Nonetheless, you should confirm with your doctor in order to get more accurate results.

Sensitivity level
Women do have a level of sensitivity that is very strong, so you might just feel that there are two fetuses that are waiting in the womb. Generally, mothers carrying twins already know from the beginning if he is going to give birth to twins.

Nausea and Vomiting Excessive
Nausea and vomiting or morning sickness is a natural thing happened to the pregnant mother, but this will occur in excess if the baby no 2.

HCG hormone that exist in your urine will also increase. This hormone is needed so that pregnancy can be maintained and the placenta can grow well.

The existence of the hormone hCG can be known through the urine, and even through the blood before menstruation. If you are a single pregnancy, the concentration of the hormone hCG typically will increase rapidly in the first week, then doubled in two or three days.

Well, when you are a twin pregnancy, the hCG hormone levels will increase so that nausea and vomiting will occur more severe than usual.

The characteristics of the pregnant woman with twins next is weight gain very quickly when entering the first trimester.
If you have a good diet, then you need not worry. Moreover, research shows that weight gain in the initial phase is very important for those who are pregnant with twins, because it will affect the baby’s weight at birth later.

Uterus size
If the last menstrual cycle you are in the eighth week of pregnancy, the uterus can be felt already aged 10 or 12 weeks. But it remains to be proven through ultrasound.

If you do indeed contain two baby during the pregnancy continues, the size of your uterus will be growing along with increasing gestational age. For uterus containing one fetus, it could be 38-40 cm in size. As for who conceive twins, then rahimmya size can reach 48 cm.

AFP levels
If indeed you are pregnant with twins, the doctor will inform you that the levels of AFP (alpha fetoprotein) You are on the rise. This will occur if there is more than one fetus and will be found through the blood of the mother when the baby is experiencing growth.

Heart rate
Physicians have the ability to hear two heartbeats separately and can be proven until 12 weeks into the pregnancy.

At the age of 28 weeks, it is likely that the doctor can differentiate two fetal head on ultrasound. Two heartbeats is already could be heard as 6 weeks of pregnancy. In fact there are many twins that can be diagnosed at the age of 5 weeks of pregnancy.


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