Chocolate Good For Those Who Have Heart Disease

Chocolate Good For Those Who Have Heart Disease – Are you a chocolate lover? Foods that he said can make this happy mood turned out to have hidden benefits for your heart health. This benefit is even better for those who do have a history or risk of heart disease. What makes chocolate good for heart? So, how much you can eat chocolate if you have heart disease?

Chocolate Good For Those Who Have Heart Disease


Eat chocolate good for people with heart disease

There is so much research that states that chocolate is good for the heart. One of them is a study from Norfolk, England. In a study published in the journal Heart is known that eating chocolate can reduce the risk of heart disease by 11 percent and prevent premature death in patients with heart disease by 25 percent. Even the study also reported that eating chocolate may lower the risk of stroke by 23 percent.

Although it is not yet known exactly what makes chocolate useful for heart health, experts conclude that the flavonoid content in chocolate is the reason. Flavonoids that are part of the antioxidant have the ability to lower blood pressure, act as anti-inflammatory, prevent blood clotting, and facilitate blood flow.

How many chocolates a day are allowed for me ?

If based on research previously mentioned, people who have low risk of heart disease may eat chocolate as much as 100 grams per day. However, of course this can not be used as a benchmark. Therefore, it takes further research to determine the limits of good chocolate to be consumed in one day. Apart from the uncertain limits of eating uncertain chocolate, The European Food Safety Authority has determined the limit of flavonoid consumption should only be consumed in one day – a maximum of 200 mg of flavonoids from cocoa beans per day.

By comparison, the content of cocoa in a single bar of dark chocolate (dark chocolate) can reach 70-90%, depending on the brand. This is quite a lot, therefore the flavonoid content is also a lot. Moreover, it is quite difficult to check how much cocoa content in a bar of milk chocolate is usually sold in supermarkets because often this information is not included.
Be careful also with the sugar content in chocolate

Any type of chocolate you eat is actually just as good for heart health. Even chocolate milk. But indeed, you need to pay attention to the true content of sugar and fat in your favorite chocolate. Because most chocolate bars sold on the market contain high sugar and fat from various kinds of milk and other additives.

To outsmart, you can eat dark chocolate that tends to be low in saturated fats and sugar. In addition, choose also chocolate that has a cocoa content of at least 70% or even more. More research agrees and states that the benefits of dark chocolate for heart health is greater than other types of chocolate. Even so do not also frequent eating chocolate. Everything that is excessive, certainly not good for the body.


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