Coffee for Kids it’s Not Good

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Coffee for Kids it’s Not Good

Coffee for Kids
Coffee for Kids it’s Not Good

Coffee for Kids – Coffee for a child is not a good suggestion. Besides being able to inhibit the central nervous system in children, drinking coffee at age still relatively small can trigger a number of health conditions such as irregular heartbeat.

This caffeinated beverages do not contain essential nutrients and minerals that support the growth and development of a child. Drinking coffee, especially coffee packaging containing sugar is high enough, causing your child’s teeth easily perforated. This is the danger of giving coffee to children, as quoted from the site Boldsky.

1. Insomnia

Coffee is a stimulant that helps the body stay active and energetic. Children who are addicted to coffee face difficulty sleeping situation. They suffer from sleep disorders are very early in their lives.

2. Not good for bones

Coffee making children vulnerable to urinate frequently, which causes dehydration and can lead to calcium excretion from the body. Which leads to reduced bone mass.

3. Decreased appetite

This is another effect if it is too early to introduce coffee to children. They should be given a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Coffee may reduce their appetite.

4. Difficulty concentrating

Children who consume coffee too often face difficulty concentrating. Because coffee is a stimulant, they may suffer from anxiety, irritability, hypertension, and hyperactivity.

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