Colored hair Care Tips

Colored hair Care Tips

Colored hair Care Tips – How best to care for colored hair? Hair coloring is the fastest way to change the look if you do not want to cut hair or change her style. The Ancients have many ways to care for natural hair so shiny black and their hair color to cover gray hair only. Now this hair dye is the way people follow the trend. Hair color can be selected not only black, but also brown, red, dark blue, pink or purple even if it dared to be different.
Hair coloring must be accompanied with how to care for colored hair. However, hair coloring has side effects as hair dye is chemicals that can not be used continuously. Too frequent hair coloring can make becoming dry, brittle and damaged. Therefore, the dyed hair must be treated properly. If done correctly, then the colored hair will last a long time not only color, but also the hair to be healthy, strong and gentle.

How to Take Care of Colored hair Day-to-Day

Colored hair

Washing hair

After painting or highlight your hair, the hair should not be washed for 24 hours for the color to seep into the hair shaft. The hair is washed shortly after the colored, the color will be able to quickly fade. After 24 hours and you want to wash your hair, you should use cold water and a special shampoo for colored hair. This shampoo gives better protection to the dyed hair compared to regular shampoo.

Giving Serum

To get around for colored hair does not become dry and damaged, you have to do to take care of the hair to maintain moisture. You can use the right conditioner after washing hair. Additionally, you can also use a hair serum. Hair Serum contains many vitamins that works to improve the state of dry, damaged hair with more intensive. Hair serum should be used while still half-wet hair after washing the hair so that the content of the serum can penetrate well into the hair shaft.

Do not paint the hair repeatedly

Once colored, give your hair a chance to rest for a week before other treatments. How to care for hair as the hair is important in order to adapt to the color of hair dye. Avoid repainting the hair before coloring the first two weeks, even though you may not like the color and wanted to replace it with a new color.

Weekly Hair Caring For Colored Hair

  • In addition to the daily hair care for colored hair, you should also perform weekly maintenance in the form of the use of special masks for color-treated hair. Moisturizing hair mask contains far more than the usual conditioner so it is good to keep the hair does not dry and cracked. In addition, the hair mask that nourishes the hair to prevent rapid deterioration due to chemicals.
  • Colored hair should not be too frequent use styling products such as mousse, hair spray, hair gel, cream straighteners or curling irons and so forth. This is how to care for the hair and prevent hair stress because of the many chemicals that are applied to the hair shaft. In addition, products can cause hair styling is becoming increasingly dry and damaged.
  • If the colored hair is damaged, you should do some ways to care for damaged hair is extra. Damaged hair treatments can be done using traditional natural materials such as coconut apply to the entire hair shaft and let a few moments before rinsing. Coconut milk contains high nutrients to moisturize hair naturally.
  • For colored hair drier should also be taken to help to care for dry hair and split ends, among others avoid using hot tools for hair such as hair dryers, hot rollers, electrical clamp and so forth. The use of these tools will only aggravate the condition of the hair that has been damaged.
  • Thus some way to care for colored hair either daily or weekly basis that you can apply to make your hair beautiful and healthy. Hopefully useful.

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