Could Fruits And Vegetables Cause Allergies Children

Could Fruits And Vegetables Cause Allergies Children ?- Allergies in children can be caused by many things. One of them is caused by food and environmental conditions. Even spontaneously allergies can also be caused by the type of healthy food that is actually required by children that is vegetables and fruits. Allergic reactions from fruits and vegetables can take place within minutes or hours after consuming the food.

Could Fruits And Vegetables Cause Allergies Children

Cause Allergies Children

Why do fruits and vegetables cause allergies? This is related to the protein content of the food which then triggers allergies. Well one type of fruit that trigger allergies in children such as limes, lemons, strawberries, kiwi, raspberries dam oranges. While the types of vegetables that are likely to cause allergies are pumpkin and cucumber.

Allergies in children after consuming fruits and vegetables are closely related to the profilins content found in vegetable and fruit pollen. Well, the type of vegetable profilins found in fruits and vegetables are vulnerable to cause children exposed to allergies spontaneously. Allergy symptoms caused by food pollen are related to health problems in children.

Reactions arising from the allergy in the form of abrasions, rash or stomachache accompanied by vomiting. If your baby has an allergic reaction should avoid the consumption of fruit for some time. Even in some cases, new fruits can be given to a child as he gets older.

Other allergy symptoms are oral allergies: swelling of the lips, itching, and swelling of the palate. Usually the symptoms spontaneously appear after consuming the fruits certain.

Allergic reactions that appear vary, there is a spontaneous after consuming fruit or due to consume raw vegetables without going through the process first. In addition to allergy profilins, fruit and vegetable allergy is often associated with the term latex allergy because it reacts directly after consuming the food.

Even in some cases, there are children who have allergies at the same time that profilins and latex. The type of fruit that causes latex allergy is kiwi. While the type of vegetables are potatoes. Symptoms that arise in the form of itching and rash. Therefore, fruits and vegetables ideally given to children after stepping on the age of 6 months.

How to get around so that your baby can still consume the fruit is to process it first. The processing will minimize allergens or allergic reactions. Fruits and vegetables can generally be processed into a pulp or fruit puree. Possible risk of allergies from processed products bu8ah verry small.

If your child is allergic to fruits and vegetables then you should consult your doctor to find out how far the allergy level. That way the doctor will provide an alternative so that your baby still get the nutritional intake as well as from the fruit. May be useful!


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