Danger Drinking Water When Most

Danger Drinking Water When Most – The human body needs fluid in sufficient quantities, The fluid serves to help the work of cells, – cells, organs and tissues in the human body. For that reason, we are encouraged to consume water in sufficient quantities. In this case, 8 glasses of water a day is sufficient amount for fluid requirement in your body. So that all the organs work more optimally. Then, what danger if drinking excessive water or mostly for your body?

Danger Drinking Water When Most

If anyone says, drinking lots of water will nourish our body is wrong assumption Hopefully after reading this article. You will know that drinking water mostly can be dangerous for our body. Therefore, health tips will menngetengahkan a useful article for readers as well. Friends, health tips, According to the Times of India The following 5 Danger of drinking water if most:

  • Damaging Blood Composition. If your body receives excessive fluid intake it will disturb the blood viscosity levels in your body.
  • Circulatory Disturbance. If the level of keketalah our blood is disturbed it will also affect the disruption of the circulatory system in our bodies.
  • Swelling of Body Cell. It turns out the blood viscosity in the body will decrease sodium. So it causes swelling of cells in your body.
  • Resulting fainting. The worst risk of cell swelling is that you will experience fainting, convulsions and even can cause you to experience a comma.
  • Cause Death. Due to bad palling of the swelling of cells, especially in the brain cells that can cause death for humans.

Excessive doses of water in our body can also increase blood volume. So the condition will force the kidneys to work harder to reduce the amount of water in your circulatory system. According to Exercise Associated Hyponatraemia (EAH) estimates there are about 1600 cases worldwide die from drinking excessive water


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