Dangers If Acne Is Not Treated To Complete

Dangers If Acne Is Not Treated To Complete – Because acne has become a fairly common skin problem, many people underestimate the importance of treating acne to completion. In fact, there are various complications of acne that may attack if you are lazy or do not want to treat acne. Here’s the full explanation.

Dangers If Acne Is Not Treated To Complete

Dangers If Acne Is Not Treated To Complete

Various acne complications if not treated promptly

Acne appears when the production of sebum (natural oils) beneath your skin layer is too much. Too much sebum levels will trigger the growth of bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes. This bacterial infection then causes inflamed acne.
Well, if this inflammation is not handled thoroughly, the consequences can vary. Here’s a complication of acne that might happen if you do not treat it.

Appears acne scars

Acne scar is one of the most frequent complications if you do not treat acne. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the longer the acne is on the skin, the greater the risk of acne scar. So if you are too late to treat acne or do not treat it at all, your acne will make an impression. Therefore, the skin has a special system itself to clean the acne from the face. To help repair tissue damage due to inflammation, the skin will produce collagen.

Well, the production of too much or too little collagen is what causes acne scars. Most collagen makes your acne scars appear bouncy. While the lack of collagen causes acne scars are pockmarked.

Therefore, quickly treat acne with certain ointments, creams, or natural ingredients is very important. With acne medicine, the inflammation will quickly subside so the body will not lack of collagen or even produce most collagen. In addition, treating acne scars is not easy. Untreated pimples and their scars take at least four to five years to fully heal.

Added severe inflammation

Lazy treating acne can make the inflammation increasingly widespread and severe. Because the bacteria that cause inflammation can easily spread to the surrounding area. Therefore, you should treat acne as well as the surrounding area to prevent inflammation from spreading.

Feeling not confident, even depression continues

Complications of acne that is also not less dangerous is a matter of confidence. You may be inferior, embarrassed, not confident, or excessive stress because of acne face. In some cases, acne can even be one of the triggers of depression.
You may also be reluctant to leave the house and interact with others if the skin is acne. This will certainly affect your success in hanging out or a career. Some teenagers also claim not confident to go to school if her face is acne.

Usually people who are attacked acne also end up using cosmetics or makeup that is thick enough to cover up this skin problem. In fact, excessive makeup can clog face pores and increase sebum production. As a result, your facial skin can get worse acne.


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