The Dangers of Abortion For Health

The Dangers of Abortion For Health – Self-induced abortion is an abortion committed by pregnant women themselves outside of a recognized medical process, although the term may include law-induced abortion, over-the-counter drugs, and also refers to attempts to terminate pregnancy through alternative, means often more dangerous. Such practices are illegal in most jurisdictions even where the abortion itself is legal and can pose a major threat to a woman’s life. Abortion can occur for many reasons.

The Dangers of Abortion For Health

Abortion For Health

Can occur because of the presence of the baby outside of marriage, economic problems, as well as maternal health problems. Whatever the reason, after doing Abortion women must undergo not only physical changes but also psychological changes. Efforts that fail to induce such an abortion can also result in permanent damage to the fetus.

It is now fairly common where abortion is illegal or unavailable, but that is not the case in developed countries as well. Women who have an abortion will experience problems in psychological matters as above, whether they do it by themselves or for medical reasons. Women who have just had an abortion need moral support and assistance. They can not be left alone because it is not impossible that bad thoughts and depression can lead to unwanted things like suicide.

Here are some of the bad effects of Abortion For the mental health of women who do it:

1. Guilt

Women who have had an abortion must have guilt, whether it’s an abortion for no reason or an abortion for health reasons. For women who carry out abortion with their own decisions will feel guilty because they feel they have killed the fetus and did not give him a chance to live. Besides, for women who are required abortion because of health problems may feel guilty for not being able to defend the baby or begin to question whether the decision is right.

2.Anger and regret

A woman must have a strong mentality when making decisions for abortion, but sometimes this power can turn into anger and regret later. Anger can be directed against himself or the person who is considered to cause the abortion, he will also feel regret after the abortion.


The sense of loss is at least influenced by the emotional state of a person and the way he or she looks at the aborted baby. Even so, the loss will certainly arise to the minds of women who have done abortion especially for those who think the fetus has been like a baby.


Women who are pregnant and wishing to have a baby, but in the end must have an abortion for health problems of course can feel depressed because of losing her baby. In some cases, depression can be very severe and can lead to suicidal thoughts. Abortion emotionally and psychologically can make women constantly think about bad things.

Physical health and safety risks :

  • Sudden death due to heavy bleeding
  • Sudden death from a failed anesthetic
  • Death is slow due to a serious infection around the womb
  • A torn uterus (Uterine Perforation)
  • Cervical damage (Cervical Lacerations) that will cause defects in children
  • Breast cancer (due to imbalance of the female hormone estrogen)
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Cancer of the cervix (Cervical Cancer)
  • Liver cancer (Liver Cancer)
  • Abnormalities in the placenta or placenta (Placenta Previa) that will cause defects in subsequent children and severe bleeding during subsequent pregnancies
  • Being barren or unable to have more offspring
  • Infection of the pelvic cavity
  • Infections of the uterine lining

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