8 Delicious Foods can Harm Your Brain

Delicious Foods can Harm Your Brain

8 Delicious Foods can Harm Your Brain – Body received some food and beverages as a source of human energy during exercise. However, do not let one eat or drink, because it is not always that you feel favor it can benefit both entities.

Delicious Foods can Harm Your Brain

Especially when the head reaches the age of three. Indiscriminate eating can trigger the onset of various diseases. Therefore you need to know the eight Delicious Foods that reduce the performance and function of the brain if taken in excess.
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1. Snacks and margarine.

Both of these foods are contributors of trans fatty acids that can weaken your nerves against the reflex movements.

2. White rice.

From now on you selingilah consumption of white rice with a variant of other carbohydrate sources such as potatoes or brown rice. Too often consume white rice causes premature aging.

3. Fried.

Oil contained within the processed fried foods contributes many dangerous diseases like blockage of the brain’s neurons.

4. Sweet foods.

Eating sweets can indeed provide additional energy to the body, but when consuming large amounts of memory acuity were affecting your brain.

5. Junk food.

Duh keep in mind to enjoy junk food from now on, because in addition to make your body more stretchy, fast food turned out to disrupt the function of brain sends a signal when the convenience to feel anxious and depressed.

6. Alcohol.

Too many uprise of hard alcohol adversely affect you to think clearly and make decisions accordingly common sense.

7. Food that has been processed.

Processed foods such as mayonnaise, pasta, or bread you should avoid so as not to disturb your brain working system.

8. The food is salty.

In addition to the addictive, salty and savory foods can interfere with the brain’s cognitive abilities.


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