Dental Prevention Tips Perforated

Dental Prevention Tips Perforated – Hollow teeth arise due to lack of dental hygiene yag causes germs in the tooth. Teeth are a very important unity for the body, not just identical to health, but healthy teeth can also support your appearance, and your career. But at this time quite a lot of people who neglect to do dental care, even for toothbrush too many are still lazy to do it.

Dental Prevention Tips Perforated

Dental Prevention Tips Perforated

Tooth decay is the most common problem in humans, and to avoid cavities, it is better to take precautions with the following.

Prevention of Dental Teeth

Brushing your teeth properly
The correct way to brush your teeth is by turning motion or upward-down motion rather than horizontal motion as many people do. Do it in front of the mirror so you can see if your teeth are perfectly clean or not.

Increase the frequency of tooth brushing
Tooth decay starts from a fragile tooth caused by lack of brushing frequency. Twice a day is a minimal number in brushing teeth and by increasing the frequency of tooth brushing, it will neutralize the growth of bacteria present in the teeth.

Choose the right toothbrush
It could be that the cavities that are happening to you are caused by the wrong toothbrush. Molar teeth have the greatest risk of cavities and will be difficult to clean because they are located far behind. To clean it, choose a tooth brush that has a small brush head and skate bristles crossed, so it can easily reach the inside of the tooth.

Natural way to relieve pain due to cavities

In addition to vitamin C, it turns out lemon contains a substance that can relieve your toothache. Reduce the pain by putting lemon juice on the tooth that feels pain every 10 minutes.

Chew on garlic right on the sick teeth and give a little salt. You can feel how the pain in your teeth slowly decreases.

With high iodine content, salt is very useful to reduce the pain in the teeth. Mix salt into warm water and use it as a gum teeth. Perform until cavities are eased sick.

Chili green
Paste the green chili on the diseased tooth and use regularly twice a day.


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