Diabetes Drug Should Not Be Expensive, Use Shallots

Diabetes Drug Should Not Be Expensive, Use Shallots

Diabetes DrugDiabetes Drug
Diabetes is getting rampant nowadays. As if without the perspective of age both young and the elderly. Then you should be aware of the early symptoms of signs you are affected by diabetes. Initial symptoms usually characterized by decreased vision, weight loss, body fatigue, easy to feel thirst, and frequent urination in large quantities. If you feel you experience one of these symptoms should immediately see.

Cause Diabetes

There are several things that a person be a major cause of diabetes. Among them is because being overweight alias obesity, advanced age, and genetic factors that meaning comes from the descendants of diabetes.

There are two types of diabetes itself based on pancreas function. The first type of diabetes that is impaired in pancreatic function, so that the pancreas is unable to produce insulin again. The second type of diabetes the pancreas is still functioning but the body’s cells are not able to recognize them correctly. Both had an impact on glucose metabolism of the body can absorb and process them.

Prevention of Diabetes Early
Diabetes can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle course. Among them are:

  • Keeping the weight remains ideal (calculate your ideal weight with a BMI Dictionary Online)
  • Regular exercise can also prevent diabetes
  • progam regular diet is the recommended for those who have excess weight to avoid diabetes.


Probably most have heard that red onions helpful in treating diabetes, but it may also be the first time heard. Poorer onion is very effective to treat diabetes. The content of quercetin in onions very potent reduce blood sugar.
In addition, some substances in the onion helpful strengthens thin capillaries. So that shallots are usually capable of tackling retinopathy in patients with end-stage diabetes.

In addition to the above content of the onion also contain a substance called Glukonin. Glukonin has capabilities similar to insulin in addressing the sugar content in the blood.

Process could cook onion and mashed up like gel. Strain and mix with the water until it becomes like a soup. Drink the soup in the morning when the stomach is empty. In addition onions also can be made vegetables at meals. It could also mix the oil with the onion soup.


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