Diet 17 Days, New Ways to Lose Weight

Diet 17 Days, New Ways to Lose Weight

New Ways to Lose Weight – California, Diet 17 days or 17 Day Diet was to be a byword in the land of Uncle Sam. It is said that with just 17 days, the weight loss can be achieved. Really easy?
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17 Day Diet is a carb diet cycle was formed by Dr. Michael Moreno, a family physician in California.

This new diet was originally designed to help people lose weight after the holidays, but in fact how this diet can be followed at all times throughout the year to quickly lose weight and keep ideal.

As with any other diet, 17 Day Diet begins by restricting carbohydrates and calories to lose weight quickly, then slowly incorporate ‘good carbs’ back into the body.

“I think this diet is probably the only diet that works for everyone,” explains Dr Moreno in his book, as reported by FoxNews, Monday (25/04/2011).

Many think the way this diet one can lose weight in 17 days. In fact, 17 Day Diet consists of a series of cycles, each cycle takes 17 days.

Each cycle will replace what foods you should eat. Dr. Moreno said that people can lose weight 4.5 kg to 5.4 kg in the first 17 days.

17 Day Diet follow-carbohydrate diet, but it is different from other low-carbohydrate diets. This approach was taken for a 17-day cycle known as the cycle of carbohydrates.

This diet requires the consumption of carbohydrates based on the phase adjustment that is being followed. Some stages are very limiting the intake of carbohydrates, while other stages allows higher carbohydrate diet. It is similar to a shift in calories but focused on carbohydrate intake.

Dr Moreno suggests that a shift in the amount of carbohydrate eaten will confuse your metabolism and may contribute to weight loss faster.

How do I do a 17 Day carb diet cycle?

17 Day Diet consists of four 17-day cycles. All cycles have in common is to avoid sugar and processed foods. The fourth phase of the cycle is speeding up, activate, achieve and phase arrive.

Phase ‘accelerate’

The first phase of the diet that is the phase accelerate, dramatically reducing carbohydrates. This approach would be to lose weight quickly and increase fat burning.

Phase ‘enable’

Phase activate introduce carbohydrates cycle. The goal is reset sluggish metabolism to encourage weight loss and continue to provide the support needed to avoid excessive weight loss.

Phase ‘reach’

Phase achieving adding foods that previously restricted return to the original menu choice. This stage is designed to assist dietary learn how to develop healthy eating habits for life.

Phase ‘arrived’

Arriving is the final phase of the plan 17 Day Diet. It is designed to help people keep the weight off for life. This encourages healthy eating throughout the week and leave little room for ‘fun’ at the weekend.

Sports 17 minutes
Along with the cycle of carbohydrate eating plan, this diet recommends 17 minutes of exercise routine should be done six days each week.

What are the benefits and drawbacks?


  • Taking a healthy approach that encourages eating natural foods
  • Cycle 17 different days allows for changes in the diet that can help eliminate the boredom that often sets the long-term diet
  • The way this diet is not complicated and easy to understand
  • Offers ideas for the meal plan including recipes are low in carbohydrates
  • Sports suggested in this diet only takes 17 minutes.


  • Calorie intake may be too low for active people
  • The way this diet is not suitable for diabetics
  • This diet may not be suitable for people who are prone to eating disorders such as irregular eating patterns.

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