Does Pore Strip Make more Blackheads

Does Pore Strip Make more Blackheads – Seeing the blackheads are raised and attached to the pore strip is one of the satisfaction of its own felt many women. Especially seeing how the pores in the nose look clean after using it. No wonder pore strips so the most popular choice in affairs against blackheads in the nose. But not all women like this product you know, because there is the assumption that expel blackheads by pulling it will actually make the pores getting bigger and increasingly add blackheads, Hmm, what is the right explanation, pore strips help reduce blackheads or make it worse?

Does Pore Strip Make more Blackheads

Does Pore Strip Make more Blackheads

Facts and Myths About the Pore Strip

Touted as a blackheads solution, pore strips have the ability to pull and remove oxidized oils (blackheads), dead skin and dirt, but only on the surface. Though it feels clean, the pore strips pass the dirt and oil hidden inside the pores. Missed dirt, coupled with dead skin that regularly increases, will accumulate and become acne or blackheads seeds. That’s why even if you’ve been using pore strips, blackheads will still exist and grow. In fact, the pore strip will not be able to eliminate, let alone prevent blackheads.

Another fact, pores are hair follicles, where each pore has a sebaceous gland that produces oil. This causes the pores very easy to be clogged by oil. Well, the pores will enlarge when clogged. The use of pore strips can help remove dirt and clogged oil, so after use, the pores look smaller. However, if it is mentioned that the pore strips make the pores smaller or enlarge is certainly not appropriate, because pore strips only help lift the dirt that clogs the pores.

What to Look For In Pore Strip Use

To safely use pore strips, make sure you do not have sensitive or susceptible skin allergies, because this skin condition is not recommended to use pore strips. The use of pore strips can trigger friction in the skin even some content on the pore strips such as menthol and Polyquaternium 37 may aggravate skin texture due to skin friction and adhesive when releasing pore strips.

As for normal skin, as long as you follow the rules and instructions for use, the pore strip is fairly safe to use. The best, limit the use of pore strips maximum only once a week. Also after the use, immediately rinse the skin thoroughly, and apply moisturizer to open pores that can immediately return to normal size. In essence, although it does not work optimally to cleanse the pores, the pore strip has no harmful side effects for normal skin.


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