Easy Slimming Stomach Forming Exercises

Easy Slimming Stomach Forming Exercises – You can do the exercises to get a slender stomach shape by being balanced with the right foods to get a slender stomach. You may have to eat healthy foods every day, but do not forget that to get a good body, toned and proportioned, you also have to follow the exercise. But what kind of exercise is good, and effective in leveling the stomach?


Easy Slimming Stomach Forming Exercises


the following exercises can tighten and burn excess fat on the abdomen, Exercise include:

Exercise 1
The first exercise is a foot rotation known to burn fat in the abdomen and prevent the formation of cellulite in the thighs and hips.
You just have to lie on the mat with both hands clasped to the side of the body and palms touching the mat. Then lift your feet up to 45 degrees and turn your feet clockwise 10 times and repeat with opposite rotation.
If you’re used to it, you can start practicing as much as you can and do the same with the other side of the round. Immediately, you will feel the muscles around your abdomen and thighs tight.

Exercise 2
The second exercise is followed by the first movement movement. The position is still the same, lying on the mat, and then lifting your right foot closer to the straight face while the other foot is lifted in the air to keep the balance.
You can hold this position for 2 seconds and do it with your left foot. And so repeat up to 10 times each set. If you feel tired, put both feet and repeat. If you can, you can practice without holding your feet for 2 seconds, it looks like you are pedaling a bike.

Within a few days, you may feel pain because the muscles are unfamiliar with this movement, but gradually, this pain will disappear and you can feel the benefits of this exercise on the abdominal muscles. Perform at least 30 minutes on a regular basis, and you will get a flat stomach. So, if you want a slim body, do the exercises for the flat stomach above.


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