Easy Ways to Take Care Of Toe Nails

Easy Ways to Take Care Of Toe Nails – Although the nail is only a small part of the body, but the hygiene and health of the nail is worth noting. It is not wonderful if you have a good look but your nails are less clean and well groomed, especially toenails.

Care Of Toe Nails

Maybe you think cutting nails alone is enough, but it turns out many things you should pay attention to do nail care, especially toenails. Here’s how to take care of your toenails that you can practice at home:

1. Nail Cutting
This is the most common way. Cut your fingernails when it’s long. In addition to maintaining cleanliness, cutting nails also make you more free to move and move.

2. Soak the Nails in Water
One way to treat your toenails is to soak your nails with salt water and rose petals. Then brush the nail with a soft brush to remove dead skin cells. After that, dry nails with a towel and for maximum results can be given a nail moisturizer.

3. Use Coat Nail (Coating Nail)
Nail coating products are usually sold in salons or shops that sell beauty tools. Nail coating is to protect the nails from damage. But, how to take care of this one foot nail is not too familiar to the people of Indonesia.

4. Keeping Nutrition Feed
Nutrition is maintained from healthy food and drink enough that you consume is also associated with the health of your nails. If the intake of good nutrition, eat your nails will be beautiful and healthy naturally.

5. Avoid Cuticle Cut
This is because the cuticle acts as a natural protective nail from infection attacks. To keep the cuticle, you can massage or gently push by using sticks that are specially produced for the cuticle.

6. Nail Cleaning with Lemon
Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with toothpaste containing enough bleach. Then apply on the nails and let stand a few moments and last wipe with warm water. This is a good way to take care of the beauty of your toenails and make the color whiter and nice.

7. Cleaning Nails with Watermelon Skin
How to care for toenails with watermelon skin is enough by rubbing the inside of watermelon skin, and if it feels enough to stay cleaned with water.

8. star fruit
Rubbing the slices of starfruit on the surface of the nail and wait a while. Then clean the nails with water and your nails will be clean and shiny.

9. Garlic
Apparently, garlic can be used to strengthen the nails. Scrape garlic to taste and apply on the nail and wait a few minutes. Last stay rinse nails with clean water.


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