Eight Causes Of Yellow Tooth

Eight Causes Of Yellow Tooth – Healthy teeth are clean and white teeth, to get healthy teeth we must be diligent to do the treatment by doing some way that is diligently tooth regularly and regularly 2 times a day, routinely check our teeth to the dentist and avoid consuming foods that can damage tooth.
If we do not apply the treatment as above, then dental health problems will come. One of the most common teeth problems is yellow teeth. What the heck that causes our teeth yellow?

Eight Causes Of Yellow Tooth

Teeth are the most important part of your beautiful smile. Yes! You can imagine if someone who has beautiful lips with a sweet smile but when it looks yellow teeth, it will fade all the beauty. Therefore we must know what things can cause yellow teeth.
Here are some of the causes of yellow teeth

1. Rarely brush your teeth
If we are lazy to brush our teeth regularly and regularly, then the rest of the food we consume will stick and rot on the sidelines of the teeth. If left too long can cause yellow stain on teeth and can even cause bad breath.

2. Smoking
Smoking is a habit that can make yellow teeth, because the content of nicotine contained in cigarettes can make the room around the mouth becomes acidic and attached to the teeth. Stains caused by these cigarettes can not be lost just by brushing regular teeth, special care should be taken to eliminate them.

3. Energy drinks
This drink is able to replace the energy and salt that has been lost after the move or do regular exercise, but this drink is corrosive than with ordinary mineral drinking water. Chemical content contained in energy drinks can make teeth damaged and leave a yellow stain is very difficult to remove.

4. Coffee
For those of you who like to drink coffee, you should be careful because drinks that contain caffeine that can make your teeth yellowing.

5. Use of eye medication
Maybe you feel confused, why eye medicine can make teeth yellow. This is because, the eye drug has a chemical content that can suppress the production of silva. This silva can serve to neutralize the acid in our mouth, resulting from the reduced amount of silva produced, the acid in the mouth will increase. Well, conditions like this bacteria can multiply very quickly and can cause teeth to change the color to yellow.

6. Frequent swimming
A person who often swims can cause yellow teeth, this is because the chlorine content contained in the pool water is very high. The chlorine content can affect the pH of pond water, so it can cause acid content in the water is higher. If you have a lot of swimming is strongly recommended to brush your teeth, because if left unchecked can cause teeth to yellow.

7. Use of teeth whitener
The use of improper teeth whitening can cause teeth to grow yellow, this is because teeth whitening that does not work with the maximum can damage and make our teeth turn yellow. Therefore, if you are going to use teeth whitener, consult your dentist first to get directions.

8. Diabetics
A person with diabetes can be marked by yellowing of teeth, but diabetics do not realize that the early symptoms of the disease can be seen from the yellowing of the teeth.

Thus information that I can convey about some of the causes of yellow teeth, hopefully this information can be useful and make us pay more attention to dental health and hygiene from now on.


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