Eliminate Bad Breath Naturally

How To Eliminate Bad Breath

Eliminate Bad Breath
How To Eliminate Bad Breath – There are many causes of bad breath odor, but of course there are many ways to eliminate bad breath naturally fast. Bad breath is a problem everyone, especially when gathered with family, friends or co-workers, which would certainly make you less confident and certain that everyone has problems to bad breath is not to mention the well known artist. But very unfortunate because there are many people who do not know how healthy eliminate bad breath with a variety of natural materials such as betel leaf and tea.

Causes of Bad Breath

1. There was a full breakfast
So in our mouth there are bacteria that cause bad breath and can be killed with our saliva. When no breakfast then saliva production is low, so they can not kill the bacteria. To overcome for breakfast.

2. Sprue
When thrush is certainly an infection that causes pus, and pus it is one cause of bad breath odor.

3. Consumption of certain foods
Of course we all know that there are some foods that can cause bad breath such as bananas or garlic.

4. Lack maintain oral hygiene
Each time you consume foods must be residue left in between the teeth. Well that’s one of the causes of bad breath.

Eliminate Bad Breath

Well it’s good if you overcome bad breath by eliminating bad breath naturally. How to? yuk direct us see just below:

1. Eating fruits
You can consume fruits that contain lots of water to overcome the shortcomings of your saliva. Some of the fruit in question is pear, guava, lemon, apples, and more. Besides beneficial to eliminate bad breath, fruits could also be cleaner natural teeth because they contain a lot of fiber.

2. Brushing teeth
The way this one probably already many people know, that you just have to brush their teeth regularly so that bacteria and food residue in the mouth disappear and breathing becomes fresh. It is better if brushing your teeth two times a day ie in the morning and at night before bed. If necessary, after a meal could also brush their teeth so that the rest of the food is gone.

3. Drink green tea and gargle using betel leaves
Green tea is useful because they eliminate bad breath in green tea contains high antioxidants. Besides green tea, you can remove the smell of mouth by rinsing water betel leaves. The trick is to boil some leaves of betel then strain the water and use to rinse.

4. Chewing mint
When you travel be sure to bring candy if at any time your mouth odor. Make sure it has a mint-flavored chewing mouth so you can be fresh and savory nafaspun. You can also chew gum, in addition to eliminating bad breath can also be a means exercise your cheek muscles.

So a few tips on how to get rid of bad breath naturally that you can try. Hopefully the above tips can be useful for the health of you who have a problem with bad breath odors.


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